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4th of July Roof Fire Prevention

BBQs, picnics, vacations, fireworks, and roof maintenance.

Does it sound like one of those is out of place? Well it isn’t! In these hot summer months, Fireworks and Roof Maintanenceespecially this month, it is very important not to forget about your roof!  This summer is especially hot and dry, and fires are more likely to occur this week with fireworks going off all around us. Even if you don’t plan on using fireworks yourself this weekend, there is always going to be that wayward bottle rocket that could land just about anywhere. Below are some basic tips for keeping your home safe during this week’s festivities.

Clear debris from your roof and gutters.

Tacoma Roof InspectionThis should be part of your regular home maintenance, but this week, it is especially important. With temperatures soaring in the 80s and 90s here in Western Washington, leaves, branches, pine needles and debris are especially dry and flammable, and any small spark can set them ablaze. These tend to accumulate in the valleys and gutters of your home, so if you haven’t done it yet this summer, now would be an important time to clear those away. If you have already cleaned off your roof as a part of your regular maintenance routine, and you live near a lot of trees, it wouldn’t hurt to take a peak at your roof again this week.

Have a Safe Location to Light Off Fireworks

The safest option is to got to a professional fireworks display. You can have all the “oohs and awes” without any risk to your home. But if you do plan on lighting them off yourself, make sure you have a safe area to do it in. Make sure you are a safe distance away from homes or structures, trees, or flammable material such dry grass, or piles of wood. Just make sure you are aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

Have water on hand

Before the sun goes down and you start your show, having water on hand can help you quickly respond if a fire does occur. Have your garden hose attached, untangled and ready to go. Fill some buckets to have on standby in case of emergency, and have your fire extinguisher tested and on hand.

Dispose of Fireworks properly

Let everyone join in on the fun, just make sure that proper supervision and education is inKids with sparklers place, not only for the prevention of fires, but for safety from bodily harm as well. Sparkles, a favorite among the youngsters, can get very hot, and when dropped on the ground, can ignite with dry grass and debris. Burns can also occur when stepped on, and they are hard to see in the dark, so make sure to collect them from your youngster after it goes out. After your show, make sure to collect all fireworks that have been used, including the ones that didn’t go off, and soak them for at least one hour before disposing.

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Chase Construction North West, Inc, cares! we stress roof maintenance because we care about your safety. We love our customers and want you to be safe, during this hot dry weather. If you have any concerns about your roof, we will gladly come by and check it out, evaluate the problem, and give you a free estimate if there is anything wrong. We specialize in all types of roofing and summer is a great time to re-roof or make repairs. We service Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. Call us today to set up your free estimate, (253) 544-3651, or you can fill out our quick estimate form. Stay safe this week as we celebrate our nations Independence!

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