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A New Roof for Duos Lounge – Seattle, WA

A Rustic and Unique Venue for your Next Event- The Lounge 

“My name is John here at Duo Lounge and I’m getting a new roof from Chase Construction” proclaimed this business owner as we began working on making his roof match the elegant ambiance of his lounge. The Lounge, a venue by Duos catering, is deemed an “inspired and unique event space” and has everything from state of the art meals to unique rustic decor in order to make your private or corporate event one to remember. Located in the heart of Seattle,  the venue includes floor to ceiling windows making it perfect for utilizing the natural light of day or exuding the elegant aesthetic of a dimly candlelit room at night. The menu ranges from finely crafted hors d’oeurves to buffet style dining options and the venue even includes an in house bakery. Whether you want a full bar with experienced mixologists or a simple selection of wines, the Lounge can accommodate your needs.

The Lounge gets a Roof Makeover 

When we first visited the Lounge, the flat section of the roof was covered by a torchdown roofing system that was miserably failing due to age. We removed the existing roof and stripped it down to the wood deck in order to rebuild the roof with a superior system that carries a class A fire rating. We installed Dens Deck cover board which provides the perfect substrate for the new system and an additional fire rated layer which prevents fire from burning through the roof structure. The system is finished off by applying a TPO roofing membrane, and as the membrane and the roofing shingles are made by one manufacturer, GAF, we are able to provide an umbrella coverage system warranty on both sections! This ensures that our customer gets the very best warranty and the very best protection from the 125 year old industry leader in manufacturing. TPO roofing membranes are currently booming in the commercial roofing industry and have received many accolades regarding their numerous performance and installation advantages. Demand for such heat-reflective and energy efficient roofing has also been steadily increasing leading to great success for this system and its’ ability to offer noteworthy protection against ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure.

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The project was a huge success and we finished off both sections of the roof exceeding our clients expectations. That’s the Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. standard! If you are in the Puget Sound region of Washington State and are in need of roofing services contact Chase Construction North West, Inc. today. We are Master™ certified contractor through GAF. We have been providing our region with expert commercial and residential roofing services for over 13 years. We provide services in Seattle, Tacoma, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn and all of the surrounding cities. Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at (253) 544-3651. You can also visit and look for GAF Factory Certified Roofing Contractors in your area.

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