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A New Roofing Standard Enacted In France

France Leading the Way in Environmentally Conscious Roofing Legislature

As of last Thursday, March 19th, France passed into effect a law that poses some unique requirements to the roofing community. All rooftops in commercial zones enacted after this date must be either partially covered in plants or solar panels. This environmental legislation was proposed by the large body of environmental activists in France, and passed though the parliament. The approved law is far more limited in scope, but is still groundbreaking in its attempt to render the city more conscious of the environmental repercussions it is posing.

Why Green Roofs?

These “Green Roofs” are popular in Germany and Australia. In the city of Toronto, Canada they adopted a law mandating this roof style in 2009. With others jumping on board, the question is raised of what is so special about these roofs. First, they have an isolating effect which significantly helps in regards to reducing energy needs and costs. With such a roof installed, the energy needed to heat a building in the winter and cool it in the summer is substantially lower and therefore reduces the city’s carbon footprint year-round. Next, solar panel roofsuch cool roofs retain rainwater and consequently reduce problems with runoff. Additionally, ecologists vouch for this system, saying it favors biodiversity and provides birds with a place to nest in the urban jungle. Though environmentalists were vying for legislature much larger in scope, parliament accepted the idea for commercial buildings only. The law was also geared in a way to make it less cumbersome to business owners by only requiring part of the roof to be covered by plants, and giving the choice between plants or solar panels to generate electricity instead. What an interesting and inventive piece of legislature! We cannot wait to see the positive effects exemplified in the country following this law.

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