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Are Your Gutters Due for Repairs or A Replacement?

The roof on your home protects you from the elements, but the gutters protect the roofing system from detrimental water damage. Properly functioning gutters not only protect your roof, but also provide a key water management purpose that affects your siding and foundation from undue damage during stormy weather. In the perpetual rain of Washington, it is important to note that rain isn’t dispersed like when it hits your Gutter Chase Construction North West Inc.lawn, but it rather accumulates into a torrent at the edge of your roof. From there, if your gutters are old and not properly maintained, the water flows straight down into the home’s foundation, therefore saturating the soil and contributing to cracks in your foundation, or pools in and around the gutter, both of which cause the wood fascia to rot. 

Signs your gutters may need replacing:

-Water isn’t draining

-Gutters are pulling away from the fascia

-Water is flowing over the sides of the gutters during a rainstorm, rather than flowing through the downspout

Stains, rust or peeling paint on your home’s siding

Water pooling in the grass below the gutters

A typical cause of such problems stems from undetected spike and farrows that have gotten loose or gone missing. These two facets of the gutter system are the traditional gutter fasteners that can cause the gutters to sag and leak if not properly attached. This commonly occurs because the spike and farrow were stuck through the fascia board Gutter Chase Construction North West Inc.instead of through the rafter tails. Attaching the spike and farrow through the fascia board is like putting a nail through a drywall, ineffective and asking for trouble. The solution to such problems is to call a contractor trained and experienced in such dealings and knows the ins and outs of gutter, roof, and foundation systems. Inspect your gutters today and get them repaired or replaced before it is too late Puget Sound!

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15 thoughts on “Are Your Gutters Due for Repairs or A Replacement?”

  1. My mother’s gutters have been leaking lately and I was wondering what she should do. In the article you wrote that if you don’t fix gutters, the water could potentially damage the foundation of your home. That’s the last thing I want for my mother’s home, as those kind of repairs could be really expensive. I’ll have to find a repair service that could quickly fix up her gutters, so that her home can stay in good shape.

  2. It got my attention when you pointed out that the gutters need to be replaced if the water starts pouring from the sides rather than the downspout when it rains. I did notice that happen once, but I thought it was just because of the idea that the rain was pouring hard. I guess I was wrong. maybe I should call a roofer to see what’s really wrong then take action according to the situation. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for pointing out that you should have your gutters looked at if you notice and stains, rust, or peeling paint on the siding of your home. When I was doing some gardening yesterday, I noticed an area of peeling paint near the downspout of the gutter. I didn’t realize it could be caused by a problem with the gutter, so thanks for letting me know!

  4. I am very sure that two of the gutters that I have will be needing replacement. One of the two doesn’t drain very well as the water comes out way before the downspout. Anyways, I’ll probably have to do as you mentioned and see about hiring someone to come and repair them for me as I don’t have the means to do it myself.

  5. It’s great to know more about gutters. I like how you said that if water isn’t draining, it’s probably time to replace them. Ours aren’t really draining that well, so I’ll look into getting new ones.

  6. It’s true that when you notice that the water in the gutter isn’t draining and it has stains or rust, then it’s a sign that your gutter needs repair. Thanks for discussing the details on gutter repair and replacement. My sister is having the same problem, I will help her in finding the right gutter specialist in town to sort the issues out.

  7. Shayla Cademis

    Thanks for the suggestion to consider replacing gutters when water is flowing over the sides instead of through the downspout. My husband and I have noticed lately that our gutters are flowing over, even when the rainfall isn’t very heavy. We’ll have to see if there are any good gutter companies in our area who can replace them!

  8. Thank you for explaining that if there are stains or rust on your home’s siding, it means it’s important to get your gutters replaced. This makes sense because you want the water to be directed away from the walls of the home. I’ll have to look more into professional gutter services.

  9. We noticed that the gutters in my grandmother’s house have cracks. As you mentioned, this is a clear sign to repair them. I will contact a roofing contractor to help my grandmother with her gutter problems.

  10. I like how the article explains that if you notice that your water isn’t draining then you may need to replace your gutters. We are noticing that the water doesn’t drain out of our gutters. We will look into having someone come and replace them.

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