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Asphalt Roofing Shingle Comparison Guide

The Layman’s Guide To Choosing An Asphalt Shingle

Compare-asphalt-roofing-shinglesIf you are a consumer looking for the best asphalt shingle, then you have come to the right place. This article is intended to break down the features of asphalt composition laminated shingles produced by the major brands in the United States. There are so many styles of shingles to choose from and everybody seems to be promising the world. We are going to lay all of them out on the table, show you what they have to offer, and then you can decide what is best for your roofing project. We will cover the three basic composition shingle styles from each manufacturer which include 3 tab, architectural laminates and key-cut or tri-laminate roofing shingles.

The Key Factors For Every Shingle

The typical factors that are important to a homeowner when choosing a roofing shingle are:  price points, true life expectancy, wind ratings (rated in mph), and color selection. These are all extremely important issues, but I would consider them surface issues. There are additional areas of a roofing shingle that play into its performance, longevity and price. Some of those factors are: how the shingle is made, is it an AR (algae resistant) rated shingle, the weight of the material, how wide is the nailing strip, pitch of the roof the product is installed on, what type of warranty does the shingle carry and what type of wind rating does it carry. When you purchase a new roof you want a shingle that is going to be aesthetically appealing on your home but will also perform well in the type of weather your particular city or region experiences.


GAF Roofing Shingles

GAF-RoofingGAF roofing shingles have long been the best selling and performing roofing material in the industry. A few of their awards include the Women’s Choice and Contractor’s Choice awards.   What distinguished GAF is the advanced mat technology, released in 2011, which was accompanied by their new 50 year limited lifetime warranties. They ‘broke the sound barrier,” so to speak, with their new shingle mat, and the rest of the industry was forced to follow. GAF remains to be the only roofing manufacturer that has made any changes to their shingle justifying the stature of the warranty they offer.

GAF Shingle Line Up



Royal Sovereign 3 Tab Shingles                   
25 year limited warranty; 3 years non-prorated
60 mph limited wind warranty
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
225 lbs. per square
True roof life: 8-15 years w/ maintenance


Architectural laminate roofing shinglesTimberline HD Architectural Laminate Shingles
50 year limited lifetime warranty; 10 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating; 130 mph w/ 6 nails
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
210 lbs. per square
True roof life: 17-25 years w/ maintenance


Tri-laminate roofing shingles

Grand Canyon Heavyweight Key-Cut Shingles
50 year limited lifetime warranty; 10 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating; 130 mph available
Class A fire rating
5 bundles per square
450 lbs. per square
True roof life: 25-35 years w/ maintenance

CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

CertainTeed Roofing Products CertainTeed is another industry leading brand name among roofing products. They are predominantly recognized for the Presidential and Presidential TL series. In fact most HOA’s (home owners associations) list the Presidential shingles as their first choice. Like GAF, they also offer great upgraded warranties and systems that protect consumers.

CertainTeed Shingle Line Up

3 Tab Roofing Shingles By GAF

CT 20 3 Tab Shingles
20 year limited lifetime warranty; 3 years non-prorated
60 mph wind rating
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
196 lbs. per square
True roof life: 8-15 years w/ maintenance


CertainTeed Landmark

Landmark Architectural Laminate Shingles 
50 year limited lifetime warranty; 10 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating. 130 mph w/ 6 nails
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
240 lbs. per square
True roof life: 17-25 years w/ maintenance


Presidential Shake

Presidential TL Tri-Laminate Shingles 
50 year limited lifetime warranty; 10 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating; 130 mph available
Class A fire rating
5 bundles per square
480 lbs. per square
True roof life: 25-40 years w/ maintenance


Owens Corning Roofing Shingles

OC-Roofing-ProductsOwens Corning is a quality roofing shingle and so much more. They specialize in fiberglass products which is what makes up the core of every asphalt composite laminated shingle. Their Surenail Technology is a big hit with contractors and helps to ensure your roof is fastened well and withstands high winds.  They are well known for their insulation as well and branded with the famous Pink Panther, which I’m sure you have seen. Owens corning was founded in 1938 and has been a Fortune 500 company since the list was first created in 1955.

Owens Corning Shingle Line Up

3 tab shingles Owens Corning Supreme 3 Tab Shingles
25 year limited lifetime; 5 years non-prorated warranty
60 mph wind rating
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
180 lbs. per square
True roof life: 8-15 years w/ maintenance


OC-Duration-ShinglesDuration Architectural Laminate Shingles 
50 year limited lifetime warranty; 10 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating
Class A fire rating
4 bundles per square
260 lbs. per square
True roof life: 17-25 years w/ maintenance


OC Woodmore Shingles Woodmoor Heavyweight Shingles
50 year limited lifetime warranty; 10 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating; 130 mph available
Class A fire rating
6 bundles per square
450 lbs. per square
True roof life: 25-40 years w/ maintenance


Malarkey Roofing Shingles

Malarkey Roofing ShinglesMalarkey roofing shingles have a very strong and unique niche in the Northwestern parts of the United States. Founded in 1956, Malarkey is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. What sets Malarkey apart is their SBS modified or rubberized shingles, the high algae resistant rating and the patented nailing strip. Malarkey is specified by architects from the Northwest on almost all of the educational buildings being constructed.

Malarkey Shingle Line Up

Malarkey-3-TabDura-Seal 20 3 Tab Shingles
20 year limited lifetime warranty
60 mph wind rating
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
200 lbs. per square
True roof life: 8-15 years w/ maintenance


Malarkey-Roofing-Shingles Legacy SBS Architectural Laminate Shingles
50 year limited lifetime warranty;  20 year Scotchgard
110 mph wind rating, 130 mph available
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
275 lbs. per square
True roof life: 17-25 years w/ maintenance


IKO Roofing Shingles

IKO is a has a strong global presence in the roofing industry and was founded in 1951. They manufacture a broad variety of products for both low slope and steep slope roofing products. IKO is known for having a “true square” of roofing, and are 10% larger than most roofing shingles. IKO also has the strongest non-prorated portion of their limited lifetime warranty at 15 years. IKO is a popular and economical choice in many states.


IKO-MarathonMarathon 3 Tab Shingles 
20 year limited lifetime warranty; 3 years non-prorated
60 mph wind rating
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
True roof life: 8-15 years w/ maintenance



IKO-Composition-ShinglesCambridge AR Shingles Architectural Laminate Shingles
50 year limited lifetime warranty/15 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating; 130 mph available
Class A fire rating
3 bundles per square
240 lbs per square
True roof life: 17-25 years w/ maintenance

IKO-Premium-ShinglesArmourshake Heavey Weight Shingles
50 year limited lifetime warranty; 15 years non-prorated
110 mph wind rating; 130 mph available
Class A fire rating
5 bundles per square
True roof life: 25-40 years w/ maintenance

100 thoughts on “Asphalt Roofing Shingle Comparison Guide”

    1. Limited lifetime is 25 years
      True roof life is 12 or less.
      So buying a 25 year shingle means squat?
      so, what am I paying for then?

    2. Do not, Do not buy IKO shingles or any home that has them installed. They do not hold up, they don’t stay stuck down, IKO uses every excuse imaginable to not cover warranty related issues. I had 4 roofing contractors refuse to install IKO Shingles as replacement because they ALL stated they are the worst shingles on the market and don’t want to be responsible for continual warranty repair issues. IKO is junk pure and simple. They rank last for satisfaction and rating.

      1. Chase Construction North West


        When dealing with shingle manufacturers, there are many deciding factors that need to come into play to make a correct judgement decision on who to use. If referring to IKO specifically, we are aware that their corporate offices are in Toronto and are predominately in eastern Canada (such as Quebec). Many years ago they migrated west, and after migrating west, they went south of the border. With this being said, in the Pacific Northwest, the shingles are manufactured on the US/Canadian border on the US side, and it is a state of the art facility that has had very little, if any, class action lawsuits, and I would consider the material extremely solid. I have heard complaints on the east coast as to the shingle’s manufacturer are subpar, but I cannot personally verify that through experience. Another item to take into consideration: if IKO is a Canadian company, their warranties in America are absolutely worthless. But in Canada, they have system warranties can be highly valuable.

        1. We are currently getting quotes on a new roof and came across this post about IKO. I was interested to see that they are manufactured in Sumas,WA as we live 10 minutes from the Sumas border. Which would you go with: IKO Cambridge or CertainTeed Landmark Pro?

          1. Chase Construction North West

            Landmark is higher end and you should be able to get a better warranty than Cambridge. That said, the Cambridge that comes out of Sumas is great and may be the best bang for your buck on the lower cost side of architectural shingles.

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  2. Exactly the information I was looking for! I like these comparisons, this info is hard to find. Most sites only want to promote their shingle and not make comparisons to others so you can make an educated selection. Thanks!!

  3. Your comparisons helped a lot. I was torn between Owens Corning and Certainteed Landmark because of the companies that gave me estimates. One was totally against Owens Corning and preferred Landmark while the other was all about Owens Corning.The lawsuit Certainteed had a few years ago concerned me but I’m now leaning more towards them. At the end of the day I want a good product that will last and has a good warranty.

    1. Typically, manufacturers do not provide percentages of their material makeup due to the proprietary nature of this question. With that being said, I have a guess. My guess is that the highest proportion of SBS in a shingle may be from Malarkey or possibly BP (Canadian shingle manufacturer that has recently moved south of the border in selective locations). I have also heard that GAF (and possibly IKO) might be coming out with an SBS shingle. So my question to you is: is SBS a better option than ABS? And if so, why? How does a rubber based shingle withstand the elements better than an asphalt shingle? My concern is that we are drinking the koolaid of marketing. Traditionally, the lifespan of the shingle has been based on the quality of the fiberglass matting and filler percentage ratio to the balance of the shingle makeup.

    1. Nora,

      Thank you for your question. Tamko used to be nationwide, then pulled out of the West Coast a decade ago. Due to our location, we don’t have an opinion on Tamko. We’ve been in the roofing industry for 27 years and remember when it was here. It was a quality comparative shingle with a good track record, along with unique color formations unlike others.

      Chase Construction NW, Inc.

  4. My contractor is letting me chose between GAF timberline or IKO Dynasty. I love the GAF Camelot series for looks (and would consider the upgrade) but this will be for a new build cottage near windy Lake Huron. Thoughts?

    1. Mary Lou,

      Thank you for the question. We are confident in both manufacturers. We are familiar with the West Coast manufacturing plants but not those in the Lake Huron region. Every manufacturing plant is different. Regardless, each of these shingle types come with extremely high wind rating and good solid track record. On the West Coast, Camelot is quite expensive due to the fact it is manufactured on the East Coast and is shipped here. There is a Camelot 2 from the West Coast plant which is not as thick as original Camelot, but still has 50 year limited lifetime warranty, and a 110 mile an hour wind rating (4 nail). The 6 nail version has a 130 mph wind rating. You would have to research if Camelot 2 is offered in your region.

      Chase Construction NW, Inc.

  5. I’m really torn on which shingle brand to use as there is no real consensus as to which brand is best. I’m looking at Owens Corning Duration (though there are reports the fabric strip allows water to enter via the nails). Is this true?

    Also, how good are GAF Ultras and IKO Cambridge? I live in rainy, hot south Florida.

    1. Yes you are correct that Duration has had numerous problems in the past. Owens Corning now claims they have worked the kinks out of it. I am still a little gun shy with the OC product.

      GAF Ultra is their heavyweight Timberline SBS, which is touted as one of the best shingles to withstand extreme weather such as hail, tornados, and hurricanes. You can’t go wrong using that particular shingle.

      I am also a certified contractor with IKO. The general perception with IKO is that they are a value-engineered economic option yet still quality. We install over a hundred IKO roofs a year and have had little to no problems with the material. As a disclaimer, we are located on the West Coast, specifically the Pacific NW, and our IKO material comes out of the Sumas plant, and they have never had a class action lawsuit come out of the plant. With any shingle decision, if you are approaching a project from a micro perspective, it would be good to investigate the actual shingle plant that the material comes out of. You’ll be looking for a positive track record with no defective material lawsuits that have been filed. Portland, Oregon is the home of Owens Corning shingle manufacturing plant, which has an extremely negative track record along with a Southern California manufactured CertainTeed plant. But the GAF chapter of California (originally Elk) has one of the best records of all manufacturing plants globally. This idea is a little neurotic, but at the same time, a roofing manufacturer decision is extremely important due to the fact that it protects everything under it.

  6. Owens Corning Duration shingles have a 130 moh wind rating with only 4 nails in the nail strip. They are the only manuf to carry this as all the others require at least six nails per shingle, and some require additional warranty coverage to be purchased for the higher coverage.
    One other thing to mention is that no manufacturer will warranty a shingle-over job a practice that is still persistent in the industry despite warnings from manufacturers and ratings companys about this.

    1. That’s good information concerning the 130 mph 4 nail. We are located on the West Coast and there are very few areas that would ever see wind over 90 mph. So, the 110 to 130 is a non-factor for almost all of us in this region. Also, I was under the understanding that the only shingle manufacturer that will warranty an overlay/recover is GAF. They will warranty their material but it will disqualify from upgraded warranties, such as Golden Pledge, which in turn can only be offered by Master Elite GAF contractors. A shingle-over job does not void a manufacturer shingle warranty. For me, the quick rule of thumb on a second layer would be that you automatically cut the expected life of the shingle in half.

  7. I am looking at a roof replacement. One contractor uses Owens Corning the other Atlas shingles. I don’t see Atlas in your comments, but based upon research it appears to be a commonly used shingle. Do you have any thoughts on Atlas vs. Owens Corning?

  8. Such a great write up and break down, I am in a hard spot here trying to decide with what to replace my cedar shakes with. have had quotes using all the big names
    IKO Cambridge
    Ownes Corining
    Certainteed landmark
    Malarkey Legacy
    all with a bit different price range, IKO being the cheapest and most favorable pattern and colors.
    I want to make sure if we take the route of going with the IKO that we will not regret spending a little less in the long run and will still be getting a great product. Is one of the 4 a far more superior product than the others?
    *located in the Edmonton Alberta area

    appreciate your time,

    1. Thanks for the reply!

      When it comes to superior product, we like GAF Timberline HD over all the others listed. However, for a value engineered shingle and among the ones you listed, we like IKO Cambridge.

      Here are a few things that could be very helpful to research:

      In the Seattle area, where we are located, IKO shingles come from the Sumas, Washington plant. This facility is high quality and we like the shingles they manufacture. However, their level of quality might not be the same for other plants that service other regions. If you can talk with your contractor, an IKO rep, or some other method and find out where the shingles come from, we recommend IKO from Sumas but don’t have an opinion on IKO from any other plants.

      Regardless of who you choose, make sure all the shingles have the same date and are from the same batch. Sometimes, some corners are cut by mixing dates/batches, which can result in some shingles going bad before others as well as cause warranty issues.

      Don’t pay your contractor in full until you receive the official warranty.

      If I recall correctly, IKO is the only of the ones you’ve had quotes for that is Canadian owned. So if you’re feeling patriotic, that can be an option.

      Finally, make sure your contractor is certified with the product they’re installing.

      I’m happy this article was of help to you, and I hope you find the shingle that best fits!

  9. Which shingle is better? Malarkey Vista or GAF Timberline HD as we were quoted close to the same price for both. We live in southern Alberta Canada with cold winter and temperatures swings

    1. Our experience is that GAF Timberline HD is the best. However, it is important to note where the shingles you’ll get in Alberta Canada are manufactured. Ours come from the Shafter plant in California. That facility is great and puts out a fantastic product. If you would receive shingles from a different facility, I can’t say with certainty how it would stack up. You may want to do some research into the two different products on a regional level.

      Best of luck!

  10. Difference between Gaf timberline hd or gaf Grand Canyon or grand sequoia for Denver Colorado? Certied presidental TIL is our present one. Should we do it again?

    1. My recommendation would be to look into the GAF Timberline Ultra. It is an SBS shingle that is hail rated. Sequoia is a nice shingle, but the Grand Canyon is a tri-laminate shingle and is on par with the Presidential TL. If you wanted to go with the ultimate option, GAF has a high-end designer shingle named Glenwood.

  11. Theresa Knutsen

    I appreciate the comments you have made. I have a dome house requiring re-roof, with it’s obvious special requirements. I would like an architectural laminate, but there needs to be enough flexibility to work with all the hips and valleys. My contractor prefers GAF, in the past Malarkey was also recommended, Legacy or Vista. I live 80 miles north of the Washington/Oregon border. Any thoughts relative to quality between the two, based on where the manufacturing plants are? Thank You!

    1. Based on the manufacturers you mentioned, Malarkey Legacy is an SBS shingle and extremely flexible. GAF Timberline Ultra HD is similar and highly flexible. We recently re-roofed a geo-dome in Gig Harbor with the standard GAF Timberline HD (a non-SBS shingle) and due to it being a lightweight, flexible shingle its performance was also extremely good.

    1. We’ve installed Armourshake and really like it. It’s installer-friendly, has a fantastic wind-rating, is one of the thickest shingles in North America, and is very durable. I believe it lasts many years. A little insight into its history is that when IKO originally came out with it, there was an issue with stacking on pallets that caused the shingles to ripple. This problem was solved many years ago.

      1. Thank You for the response on Armourshake.I really like the looks and color of the chalet color.My real concern is the IKO name.Here in Mn there is a lot of negative reviews.
        I don’t know how you can determine trust-life of these shingles, but many of us do think its interesting.

        Thanks again

  12. I live just outside of Denver in an area that is commonly hit with big hail storms. I had a full replacement about 3 years ago and use the Duration Storm Shingle. Now, my insurance adjuster stated the roof needs a full replacement again. What composition shingle do you feel is the most hail resistant?

  13. I live in cold, hot, hail and tornado Oklahoma. We are looking to re roof our house and I am not sure which shingles would be recommended for our region. Also my father in law is roofing the house. Does that affect the warranty for all the shingles? Where do I start? This article is VERY helpful!

    1. If your father-in-law doesn’t have the proper manufacturer certifications, it will impact warranty. Also, depending on what certifications the contractor has, the quality of warranty you can get changes.

      Regarding which shingle to use in Oklahoma, perhaps the best way is to find a contractor you really trust and then use his judgement. Shingles are not created equal across the country since one brand is spread across many different manufacturing facilities. Some facilities are better than others. We really like GAF in the Pacific Northwest in large part because the manufacturing facility is top notch. That said, all the top shingles are relatively competitive, so if you go with a popular and well established type, you are most likely good to go. Warranty is where the real meat. Get a highly certified contractor who offers a warranty with many years of labor and misapplication on top of material. GAF has the Golden Pledge for this and it is maybe the best warranty in the business.

  14. Thanks for this post. I’m glad I found it. I am in the process of a roof replacement in AZ after wind and hail damage these past few weeks. My roofing company left samples and my gut tells me to go with GAF or Owens Corning. GAF being my first choice. Any suggestion on either here in typically hot SW desert?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      I’m happy to help, Michelle. GAF is an excellent choice. Is your roofing company Master Elite? If so, ask them about the Golden Pledge warranty. Master Elite is the top tier of GAF certification and Golden Pledge is a very robust warranty.

    1. Chase Construction North West


      The intention of the shingle is to withstand the impact of large hailstones. These shingles usually come with a reinforced matter that is intended to not shatter or break during a heavy hailstorm typically seen in the Midwest or South. This form of shingle was brought on by pressure from the insurance industry. If you’re not living in a hail-prone region, spending the extra money for the impact shingle would be considered overkill.

  15. Thanks for this informative post. We need to replace old wood shake roof in beach community south of SF. We have had bids for CertainTeed Presidential and Owens Corning Woodmore. Do you have preference? What is your thought on galvanized steel vs. aluminum vs. copper flashing? Is it worth the additional cost for copper? Other questions we should be asking? Thanks!!

    1. Chase Construction North West


      CertainTeed Presidential is a long-standing material with over 3 decades worth of track record; whereas Woodmore is a few years old. I would lean towards the Presidential. If it is installed in a 5 and 5/8 pattern, which other shingles are laid at, then it will present a visual problem with a zipper pattern. It is extremely necessary that they install it on a 5 and 15 pattern. If you properly install Presidential, then you’ll have a minimum of 15% waste. If it is installed as other shingles with a 5 and 5/8 offset, then you’ll have a 3 to 5 % waste. Obviously you can see that there is a cost difference benefiting the contractor if it is installed improperly. My personal preference with the Woodmore is that its patterning is too large and random. My all time favorite key cut shingle is a GAF Grand Canyon. The Black Oak is a dark charcoal with a hint of rust (red), which gives a real rich look.

      26 gauge painted steel is a common and readily available, and a good solid choice. Aluminum that I’ve seen in the open market used on roofing is extremely thin, similar to a pop can. I don’t recommend it (even though it doesn’t rust). Copper is the best and will outlast the roofing shingles and is also a moss deterrent. Some might suggest stainless steel, but that can be difficult for the installer due to its density.

  16. I live in PIttsburgh, PA and I’m in the market for a new roof for a 2 story home built in the 1960’s. Multiple contractors have proposed adding rooftop, shingle over intake vents near the gutter, as well as ridge exhaust vents. I understand the theory behind adding the intake down low to avoid/prevent ice damming, but I’m having a hard time justifying cutting a hole in the roof that low and close to the gutter for fear of leaking. I have eave vents on both sides of the house that others have said would let adequate air circulate in if I wanted to install just the ridge exhaust vent and no intake vents.

    Multiple questions:
    Can the intake vents freeze over? If there was an ice storm and/or heavy snow, wouldn’t they bury the intake vents and prevent their ability to allow air in anyway? And if it would continue freezing up the roof, wouldn’t that water naturally just spill in through the opening?

    The fine print in every shingle manufacturer I’ve looked at (GAF, Owens, and CertainTeed) states that the warranty is voided if the damage is due to a lack of ventilation. Multiple contractors have said not adding the intake vents would cause the shingle manufacturer to void the warranty. Is this true, and if so, does that mean I have absolutely no warranty from the manufacturer on the shingles?


    1. Chase Construction North West

      Paul, thanks for the great questions.

      Without knowing how much intake ventilation you’re getting from your existing eave vents, we can’t say if they’re adequate. If they are adequate, then ridge exhaust ventilation is good to keep the flow. If they are not adequate, then ridge exhaust ventilation can cause additional problems because having too much exhaust and too little intake will cause your attic to try to pull air from other sources (like inside your house), which can lead to condensation issues.

      Regarding the ice dam questions, please contact the customer service of the shingle manufacturer you’re looking to have installed on your home. Your insight is certainly the type of question I would want to ask if I were you. We’re located out of western Washington and ice damming is never an issue we deal with here, so I know that nobody around here knows exactly what the specifications are. That said, you definitely need adequate intake ventilation. You’ll need to get the answers from the manufacturer’s themselves for what products they want for intake ventilation in your area.

      Regarding the warranty being voided if ventilation is not adequate, you’ll also want to talk to the warranty department of the manufacturer you’re wanting to work with. Warranty language is all over the place on this issue, and it has also been changing over time. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if the roof deck is not properly ventilated, and others will simply not do any work to repair issues that are caused by ventilation problems (though those manufacturers also assume the roof deck is properly ventilation when they give the warranty).

      Great questions, and I think you’re best served by contacting the manufacturer themselves.

  17. I am trying to make a choice between Certainteed Landmark/Landmark Pro and IKO Cambridge. What questions should I ask?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      The main differentiator between the two is a combination of price and warranty. It’s tough to say which shingle lasts longer because people report many different experiences across shingle manufacturers. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, the IKO products should come from the Sumas manufacturing plant, which has a great track record.

      Given that it’s tough to know which shingle is “better”, you can then compare on price and warranty. If your contractor is CertainTeed Credentialed, he may be able to offer 5-star protection that covers material, labor, tear-off, disposal for 50 years along with workmanship error for 25 years. Note on this that you want to make sure you keep all your paperwork, and if you sell your home in the future, this warranty is likely transferable. This doesn’t mean the roof will last 50 years, but if there is a defect, the manufacturer should cover it.

      With IKO, the cost should be lower, but the warranty is not as good for issues caused by material defect or workmanship error.

  18. Hello Everyone, I stumbled across this website. I need a new roof. A company that is scheduled to redo my roof has only one Shingle type to offer and only one type of underlayment. There is a warranty according to the Roofing Company, It seems to be a generic brand of shingles, I want to be sure. I asked them what company made them, no reply ..

  19. Do you think the IKO Dynasty shingles are a good choice for a home in Richmond Hill, near to Toronto Ontario?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Given that we’re based out of the Pacific Northwest and we get our IKO shingles from a different plant than you would, we don’t have experience with the manufacturing facility you’d be getting shingles from. One way you could figure it out is by finding a contractor whose been in business for a long time in your area. He’ll have insights into your specific regional situation that others might not.

  20. Two contractors have given me the same quotes. One use Iko dynasty, the other uses BP mystic 42 with SeBS.

    The BP comes with a 50 yr non- prorated warranty, that can be transferred within 20 years. the pitch is that I will not have to buy another roof for 50 years. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. As far as I know, there is not roof that has lasted 50 years.

    What do you think?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Shingle warranties can be tricky. The kind you’re looking at is likely for leaks caused by material defect (but you’d have to find the exact wording). This doesn’t mean the shingle is expected to last 50 years, but if there is an identified leak caused by identified defect in the material, then you’d probably be covered by the warranty. But the shingle simply just running out of life might not qualify.

      You’re right that there isn’t a known composition shingle roof that is known to last 50 years. As robust as shingle technology has come, there simply haven’t been any tests that last 50 years.

      The industry does have some excellent warranties, however. The kind you want is like the Golden Pledge offered by GAF when you buy a GAF roofing system. Some other manufacturers probably have similar warranties, but we work with GAF so I can speak from my experience. This warranty is different because it covers more (like leaks caused by misapplication), and because the company is actually responsive to warranty claims. By contrast, you’re unlikely to find much responsiveness over the basic material-only warranty claims. This can be for many reasons that include the manufacturer may have to test the material to find if it is defective, and if it is defective, it usually means a bunch of other roofs are failing too, so there could be a class action suit.

      All in all, your intuition is right. These 50 year warranties do not mean that the manufacturer warrants your roof for performance for 50 years, rather the language will be something like warranted for leaks caused by material defect.

  21. Thank You Chase for maintaining this blog. It is very informative and helpful
    I live in CT, East Coast, where we have heavy snow storm in winter and heat wave in a summer. I am torn between GAF Timberline HD and Owens Corning Duration Shingles. Don’t know which one to select?
    I saw many roofers and most of them giving similar quotes with 50 years warranty and 10 years workmanship. How should I choose roofer ?
    Thank You

    1. Chase Construction North West

      We’re partial to GAF Timberline HD. Of the warranties you’ve been quoted, do any of them have names or workmanship/misapplication periods?

      Two things you can do is read the legal paperwork (the contractors should be able to link you) to each manufacturer’s warranty. They all differ in what they cover even though most say “50 years”. The other is that if you’re getting a 10 year contractor warranty for workmanship, make sure you believe the contractor will still be in business for another 10 years. There’s high turnover rate in this industry. If your contractor has a long track record, then he’s more likely to be in business in 10 years time.

      If you go for GAF Timberline, get a Master Elite contractor (GAF has them on their site). He can give you the Golden Pledge warranty, which is the best one we know of. It will remove the contractor from the equation when it comes to warranty related issues, and GAF is responsive. Coverage is (usually) 50 years for material and 25 years for workmanship and what they cover is more than most.

  22. I’ve recently received several bids for roof replacement on my house in Olympia WA. Each contractors bid states a different shingle making it hard to compare. Any recommendation between the following for longevity, quality and price? Thank you.
    IKO Cambridge
    IKO Dynasty
    Owens Corning TruDef
    Pabco Premier
    Malarkey Highlander

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Of these, IKO Dynasty may be the most interesting. Living in Olympia, you’ll get IKO shingles from the Sumas plant up at the northern border. They have a great track record. The main drawback with IKO is that the warranty isn’t as good.

      We service Olympia. Give us a call ((253) 544-3651) or fill our the estimate request form at the top of the home page and we can give you a quote for GAF Timberline HD with the Golden Pledge warranty. Timberline is the best all around shingle we’ve worked with, and the Golden Pledge warranty gives excellent coverage. We work with GAF frequently when they have warranty claims, and they do a good job of making sure you’re taken care of. It’s (approximately) 50 year material, and 25 years for misapplication.

  23. Jason Reynolds

    Can you tell me if the Elk Prestique Plus shingles that we currently have, which were installed in 2004 are more similar to the CertainTeed Landmark Pro or Landmark Premium Shingles. I want to replace our Elk shingles with the CertainTeed equivalent.

    1. Chase Construction North West

      In 2007, GAF bought out Elk. The Elk Prestique Plus is the GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingle. Prestique II is the GAF Timberline Natural Shadow. Prestique I is the GAF Timberline HD.

      If you’re on the west coast, the GAF shingles from from the manufacturing plant in Shafter, California (a sister city to Bakersfield). This manufacturing plant was one of the few Elk plants that has remained since GAF bought Elk, due to the fact that it was a state of the art, newer facility in 2007.

      The Plus is similar to the Landmark TL shingle. Plus was their heavyweight laminate, similar to the Landmark TL (if you want to go CertainTeed). Regardless, the closest option is for GAF Timberline Ultra HD because it’s the progeny of ELK Prestique Plus.

  24. Hi thanks for this great comparison. I was hoping to see the Malarkey Highlander product on here, as my roofer is asking me to choose between that and Owens Corning Duration. I am leaning towards Malarkey but I don’t really have a strong idea why, haha! Any thoughts?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      If you’re interested in knowing more, the websites for each product will list more information. Though, they’re close enough that it may be more important for you to find the contractor you trust. Generally, we like Duration over Highlander, but Legacy (Malarkey) over Duration.

  25. Hi, I am looking for a light/medium green and grey shingle with good ratings and durability, for a low-slung home in the Midwest. All the ones our roofer suggests only have dark green, with lots of black specks. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

    1. Chase Construction North West

      This may be tough to find. The closest I can think of is Owens Corning Supreme 3-tab Forest Green. What you could do is google the roofing suppliers in your area and call a couple and see what they stock or what they can get their hands on.

  26. I live in Illinois. Cold climate with ice half the year. Looking at Atlas Pristine Pinnicle Vs Owens Corning Duration. Which is the most reliable and long lasting ?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      We operate in the West Coast roofing ecosystem. Unfortunately, Atlas isn’t really a part of that so I’m unable to give you any insight on it specifically. However, we are familiar with Owens Corning Duration, and it is not a bad choice.

  27. I live in Houston Texas. I have been getting roofing quote’s and the recommendation are between malarkey, certainteed and GAF.I’m a little hesitant to go with the GAF because at my work Back in 2013 I had the timberline Shingles installed 234 squares. Now there starting to loose the granules on quite a few of the shingles so much so that you can actually see the fiberglass strands. I’m in the process of filling a claim with GAF. Should I keep the GAF quote in the thought process or go with the other two brands ?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      I’d keep the GAF quote in thought process while also making sure the quote comes with the Golden Pledge warranty. You’ll need a Master Elite contractor with GAF for that.

  28. We live North of the Boarder on the West Coast. We have been quoted on Certainteed Landmark Pro and Malarkey Vista. Both have been certified in their installation systems. Do you have any input on comparisons of those?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Malarkey Vista appears to be SBS polymer modified, which is better for extreme temperature lows. It also appears to used repurposed materials. CertainTeed Landmark Pro doesn’t appear to be designed for extreme temperature lows, so it may matter if you live in a very cold climate.

  29. We live the PNW and are trying to decide between Certainteed Premium or Northgate SBS for our roof replacement. We have some concerns about possible strong odors after installation from the rubber like component of SBS that will exist after the initial few days. Can you tell me if there are any complaints or concerns from homeowners about the smell of SBS roofing? Would rather not smell a tire store when we open the windows.

    1. Chase Construction North West

      The smell issue is with recycled rubber shake/tile, not with SBS shingles. You should be fine with Northgate in this regard.

  30. Hi,
    We just got a quote from two roofing companies. One uses Owens Corning, the other uses Malarkey (Vista). We live in Idaho with all 4 seasons.😊 Would you recommend one over the other? The OC company’s quote is about $2,000 more than the MV company.

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Both of those companies make good products. For the most part you’ll want to go with the contractor you trust the most (with a great track record). And if you get a really good manufacturer labor/workmanship/misapplication warranty with one of them, that can be a great sign of which direction to go.

  31. We live in Ontario, Canada and have received several quotes. Now making a decision? We have a good quote from a locally well established company that uses BP Mystique shingles? How do they compare to Landmark Pro?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      South of the border, BP Mystique is the lowest rated shingle. There are differing opinions as to why that is, such as them sending their oldest manufacturer date run material south and/or seconds (imperfect batches). With that being said, there are quite a few Canadian roofers that swear by the material. I have not heard of any negative reports concerning the Landmark Pro north of the border, but in the Pacific Northwest, CertainTeed appears to be having some issues with their Landmark shingles at this point in time. Keep in mind it is always extremely important to receive official paperwork from the contractor and manufacturer concerning all material and labor warranties before final payment.

  32. No GAF certified Elite installers in my area but a couple of certified ones. The GAF certified installer has a 2 star review and the other has no reviews. One Certainteed Shinglemaster Gold warranty installer and two OC Platium Preferred installers. The Certainteed and Owens Corning installers have many reviews and 5 stars plus A+ BBB ratings. Located in SW Missouri. Lots of hail and wind. I had GAF shingles by an Elite Installer in Chicago and was very happy. Not familiar with my choices here or the products. The warranties don’t appear near as sound as the GAF Golden Pledge but I don’t see that as an option. Your advice, please.

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Contractor performance is king. My recommendation is to go with contractor with stronger reviews. Other important details includes going to your state website to make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. I have a cousin who lives on the outskirts of St. Louis and she was asking advice of me for her re-roof, and yes it was odd that Master Elites are far and few between in the state of Missouri. She ended up going with a highest level certified Owens Corning contractor with Duration shingle. Obviously GAF should probably look into vetting certified contractors in your region.

  33. Hi my name is Emilia,
    I am desperately need an advice what type of shingles to put on my house . We live in Toronto Canada and I have a contractor offers me Owens corning or a certain teed landmark pro I was wondering what would be better shingles for winter would you be so kind to reply to me
    thank you so much

    1. Chase Construction North West

      In our climate, Owens Corning tends to be the better. Though we have more moderate temperatures than you do.

  34. I live just north of Seattle and have an elk prestique 1 (30 year) went on in 1999
    Problem has ALWAYS been moss. Both the north and south sides have lots of moss despite zinc strips, powdered moss treatments. Gutters must be cleaned 5 times a year. Lots of granules in gutters still.
    What is best moss resistant roofing product available for me to re-roof?
    Thank you.

    1. Chase Construction North West

      The best moss resistant roof is standing seam metal panels. They’re more expensive that asphalt composition shingles, but they last longer. Check out Nu Ray Metals. If you’d like an estimate to install these for you, please let us know. You can call at (253) 544-3651 or fill out the form on our home page.

  35. What is the difference between IKO Cambridge & IKO Dynasty? We live on Camano Is WA with ALOT of wind. Is there another manufacturer you would recommend besides IKO?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Dynasty is a thicker shingle with a nail-line strip to enhance the wind-rating, and what draws people to the Dynasty is its color enhancement. We recommend both IKO and GAF shingles for the PNW region.

  36. Trying to decide between Certainteed Landmark Architectural Shingles and Malarkey Highlander. Have two bids. Am I campaign apples to apples here?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Those shingles are similar, though to compare apples to apples you’ll need to compare other aspects of the bids, like scope of work, warranty, the contractor reputation, etc.

  37. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this post. I’m so glad I found it! And thank you for continuing to maintain it.
    I decided to go with a 50 year roof rather than a 30 year roof because I thought the heavier material would look better after 20 years, when I might want to sell my house. Also, it needs to regularly get walked on for cleaning due to a severe falling pine needle situation….and maybe it would last longer…
    Is this a good decision, or a waste of money?
    I live on Whidbey Island, WA and am trying to decide between Pabco Pretige vs. Certainteed Landmark PRO.
    I’ve seen several neighbor’s roofs with Landmark PRO and I really like the “high definition” look.
    But I’ve never seen a Pabco Prestige roof to compare it to.
    Do you have any recommendation, in terms of their quality between the two?
    Do you happen to have an aesthetic opinion as far as which appears to have more definition? Are they pretty close?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Chase Construction North West

      As far as my memory goes, you could be getting a workmanship warranty for the Landmark PRO but possibly not for the Prestige (you’ll need to check with your contractor). This can be very important, even if it’s for 10 years, because misapplication issues happen sometimes, and they are usually apparent within a few years of installation. Frequently there is a big number put up front (like “50 year warranty”), but there are significant differences between them. The main duration on warranties are usually just for material defect, not installation issues.

      The comparable shingle type we use is GAF Timberline Ultra HD. When installed by a Master Elite contractor, it comes with 30 year misapplication warranty (50 year material defect warranty). It sounds like you like the look of the Landmark PRO. Check with your contractor about the fuller extent of the warranty.

  38. Hi
    Live in Minnesota and getting bids for a new roof.
    My dilemma is deciding on IKO Dynasty & GAF Timberline HDZ

    1. Chase Construction North West

      They are both great, but if a Master Elite installed the GAF, he can give you the Golden Pledge warranty, which is the best in the industry.

  39. I have recently received a quote for the Certainteed Presidential shake and for the Pabco Paramount Ar . Which one do you recommend?

    1. Chase Construction North West

      Even though they are both considered a sawtooth, key-cut, heavyweight laminated shingle, they do have a different appearance. My suggestion would be to drive by an existing home that has the material on it so that you’re able to see how it looks and which one you prefer. They are both considered a 50 year rated shingle with AR. With any installation, it is important that the contractor is knowledgeable with the specific manufacturer you’re installing, and that you’re using the same manufacturer accessories so that you don’t void any warranties by using off/generic brands of underlayments, flashings, etc.

      Like stated before, if you use the CertainTeed Presidential shingle, it is crucial to ensure a proper look, that it is installed on a 5 and 15 pattern. If you have questions concerning the pattern, refer to the CertainTeed installation manual. It is also printed on the bundle packaging.

      The contractors should be able to provide addresses to drive by.

  40. Hi, Which shingle in the certainteed line is comparable to the GAF UHD shingle. Is it the Landmark Pro, Landmark Premium or the Landmark TL. Also, how heavy is the GAF UHD product. I know the GAF timberline HDZ weights 220lbs. Thanks.

  41. I live on a large lake in Upstate NewYork where there can be strong winds, especially in the Fall and Winter. My home is only 2 years old and the IKO Cambridge architectural shingles have not sealed well from day one. I had several rip off and others partially rip and many others not adhere so they lift up. I paid to have several replaced and the same thing happened again elsewhere on the roof. I am looking to replace the roof already with a new shingle roof and am looking at GAF Timberline HDZ or Certainteed Landmark Pro, although I am open to other suggestions. My primary objective is to get a shingle that will not rip of, or raise up as a result of high winds, which are nowhere near hurricane force. Any thoughts are appreciated.

  42. I live in Zeeland, Michigan. The quotes I have received thus far prefer to use IKO Cambridge and Landmark shingles. Would you suggest one over the other? Would you suggest another brand?
    Thank you for your advice.

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