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Can Your Roof Be Replaced in Inclement Weather?

Rain is a common concern for homeowners seeking roof repairs or replacement.  Two examples of those concerns are how installation over wet sheathing can trap moisture and cause rot, and that wet shingles may not adhere properly.  This doesn’t mean that roofing in poor weather is impossible. Roofers can use particular techniques to get the job done with no issue. Chase Construction North West, Inc. recently confronted these conditions and would like to explain how we solved them!

Back-to-back reroofs in Bonney Lake

Two homeowners who live in the same neighborhood contracted us for back-to-back reroofs in Bonney Lake, Washington. We were thrilled that the homeowners chose highly recommended GAF timberline roofing systems.  In addition, the close proximity of their homes allowed us to offer them a discount!

Each GAF system is a complete external envelope, which includes the following GAF products:

roof transformation

Due to our GAF Master Elite® status, we are one of the few roofing contractors in the state of Washington with the privilege to offer the Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty. This warranty is one of the nation’s premiere roof system warranties offered on the market.

Clear skies, but uncertain forecast

When we began the project, weather forecasts were dry with blue skies for the duration. But as is common in Western Washington, that turned on a dime. Overnight the forecast shifted to moderate chance for precipitation. But we weren’t worried, because we know what to do in this situation!

The work began in dry conditions, yet we were uncertain if they would remain dry.  The roofers started tearing off the existing shingles and tar paper in the lower lefthand corner of the roof, moving across the roof diagonally. Then following behind, other roofers prepped the newly exposed roof deck by clearing debris and loose fasteners. After the deck was perfectly cleared, the roofers installed new waterproof synthetic underlayment.

reroof project

This technique allowed us to reroof in sections, thereby deterring any issues caused by surprise clouds moving in.  This method ensures an installation is as quality as if on the clearest, driest sunny day.




It was an honor to re-roof these two wonderful homes in Bonney Lake, Washington, and we look forward to doing many more!

Having dealt with the wet and unpredictable weather of Western Washington for 16 years, CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. has developed top quality expertise in dealing with the weather in our beautiful state. If you’re looking for roof repairs or replacement yet you’re unsure about how the weather impacts installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today by filling out our free estimate form or calling us at (253) 544-3651! We know exactly what can be done in what weather and how to do it!

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