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Caring For Your Roof After A Storm

Your Roof – The PNW – The Storm

The PNW is a beautiful place to live any time of the year, and part of what makes it so beautiful is the abundance of trees. This time of year, however, that can be a problem. Your roof is meant to protect your home from wind, rain, snow and ice, and this time of year, that protection is really put to the test.  Let’s talk about what to do after a storm, and how to prevent damage to your roof.

After The Storm

NeedARoof_Storm-Damage_SmallFallen trees, heavy snow, ice dams, heavy rain, high winds, these are some of the things that we have to deal with. After any storm, it is important to take a look at your roof and check for any damage. Roofing companies will be especially busy during this time, so it is important to not put it off in case you have to wait for repairs. If not addressed in a timely manner, more damage can occur to the interior of your home. It’s not always easy to see damage however. Its obvious if a tree fell on your roof, shingles were blown off, or hail cracked a skylight, but what about hidden damage?

Hidden Damage

Roof damage is sometimes hard to spot, so first look for clues. Walk around the exterior of your property and check for large debris such as tree branches. this could indicate that your roof took a beating, and could warranty a closer look at the roof. Another thing to look for is debris from the roof itself, such as shingles, trim, or other roofing material. Dents in your gutters, valley, or facia could also indicate the potential for damage. Climb up a safely secured ladder to get a closer look at your roof, but leave walking on your roof to the professionals. Check for missing shingles, cracks or dents or anything obviously damaged on the roof, including the metal flashing around your home, chimney and skylights. Once the exterior has been fully inspected, move to the interior for damage. Check for cracks in the walls or ceilings and of corse water spots or leaks. Interior leaks can take some time to prevent themselves, especially if there is no obvious signs of damage, so keep an eye out for days after a storm.

Found Damage

Once damage is found, document it with pictures, and if material such as shingles were found, keep them as evidence. It is important for your insurance company that you have documentation of the damage. Contact your insurance company to file a claim, and find a quality roofing contractor in your area. Once a storm hits, roofing contractors are competing for your business, which is a good thing for you! But be careful not to do your homework! Don’t pick the cheapest and most available one you can find, there may be a reason why they are so available during such a busy time for roofers.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Choosing a quality roofing contractor that you can trust is a stressful venture, even more so after a storm and you are in immediate need of repairs. Let’s explore a few things to look for when choosing.

  • Find out how long they have been in business. More than 80% of roofing contractors go out of business within 2 years, and that means that customers are being stiffed on workmanship warranties. That may not apply to a repair, but it can affect the quality of the work that will go into your project.
  • Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. The roofing industry is among the top in national claims and reports of fraud. Making sure they have all their ducks in a row is a good way to tell that they mean business.
  • Check their reviews. Get on the internet and research review sites. Yelp, the BBB, and Google reviews are great ways to see if there are any complaints or unresolved issues with the company. How they take care of their customers will indicate if they will take care of you.


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2 thoughts on “Caring For Your Roof After A Storm”

  1. That’s a good tip to look for missing and cracked shingles after a storm. That’s a good way to determine your roof’s health. I try to look over my roof every year and after big storms.

  2. Excellent article! Smart home owners always seek to have their roof inspected after hailstorms so that issues are identified while they are at their infancy and corrected by spending a little. If enormity of hailstorms is ignored for long then roof may suffer great damage.

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