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The Best Roofing Contractor in Federal Way, WA 

Roofing contractors Buckley WaA Federal Way, WA homeowner needs peace of mind during a re-roof experience. Hiring a manufacturer certified roofer can relieve the stress during your project. Call us today at (253) 544-3651 to speak with a GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractor. We are 1 of 15 contractors in Washington to receive the prestigious GAF Master Elite status.

GAF Master Elite Roofer in Federal Way Wa

What does it mean to be a Master Elite roofer and how does that make a difference for you?  Master elites:

  • Are the top 2% of all roofing contractors.
  • Are the most relied upon roofing contractors to install a GAF system according to the complete roofing standards.
  • Can offer the longest lasting and most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the shingle roofing business, coming with up to 50 years material coverage and up to 30 years of workmanship coverage.

Being a Master Elite contractor since 2011, we have the proven track record of installing top quality roofing systems that our customers love.  GAF’s training is second to none, and we make sure to integrate every best roofing standard in the industry.

A Golden Pledge Roofing System For Your Home

Roofing Contractor Buckley Wa

It’s imperative that a complete roofing system is installed on your Federal Way, WA home. Many contractors just slap some 15 # felt and shingles on your roof and call it good! Wrong, that is not okay.

Only an expertly installed complete roofing system can ensure your home won’t experience leaks for many years to come.  Every complete system shingle roof we install comes with GAF’s Golden Pledge warranty.  The system composes of 6 main components:

  • WeatherWatch leak barrier: A rubberized asphaltic membrane designed to keep water out of your roof’s critical leak areas like valleys, skylights, chimneys and roof penetrations.  Wherever there is increased risk of leaks developing, we install leak barrier (ice and water shield) directly to the plywood deck.  WeatherWatch:
    • Self-seals around nail penetrations.
    • Resists buckling and wrinkling.
    • Helps protect against ice dams.
    • Is double-layered in roofing systems with Cobra IntakePro to help prevent leaks.
  • Tiger Paw roof underlayment: With incredible performance, synthetic hybrid breathable underlayments like Tiger Paw are taking over the shingle underlayment market.  Their advantages over the old and tired felt paper are many:
    • Prevents water from channelling through the crack where shingles butt up against each other on the gutter edge.
    • Removes nearly double the moisture as felt paper.
    • It doesn’t shatter when nailed.
    • Provides at least 600% the tear strength as 30# felt.
    • Doesn’t rot or become brittle over time.
    • Is significantly safer for roofers to walk on.
    • Resists wrinkling and buckling that can telegraph to shingles.
  • Pro-Start starter shingles: With multiple important functions, these starter strips are essential for leak protection along your roof’s perimeter.
    • Dura Grip™ Adhesive strips along edge seals to the field shingles along the roof edge, significantly reducing the risk of wind-driven rain causing leaks on the perimeter.
    • By preventing waste from cutting up 3-tab shingles for starter strips, Pro-Start reduces the amount of asphalt composite shingles ending up in a landfill.
    • Helps ensure each course of field shingles are oriented in a straight line across your roof.
    • Thickens the shingle layers over the roof edge to resist drooping.
  • Cobra Exhaust VentCondensation is of chief concern for protecting homes from water damage.  Air contains water in its vapor phase, which travels as air moves and as hot diffuses to cold space.  At the dew point, water vapor condenses on a cold surface, causing mold, rot, and eventually severe water damage.  There is almost always a dew point between the conditioned living or working space and the outside, and the only good preventative measures are attic ventilation and/or insulation.  Cobra exhaust ventilation, along with Cobra IntakePro vents when intake ventilation is needed, helps provide the best ventilation for most homes.
  • Timberline HD Roofing Shingles As the #1 selling shingle in North America, Timberline HD has the best combination beauty, reliability, and warranty in the roofing industry. Installed over the aforementioned leak barrier and underlayment, these shingles:
    • Are vigorously tested for wind uplift resistance, flexibility for when uplift occurs, and fire resistance.
    • Architectural profile gives the gorgeous dimensional appearance.
    • Proprietary orientation of glass fibers increases strength and durability.
    • Contains more asphalt on top layer for critical weathering protection, rather than the practice of some others to increase weight without increasing performance by adding asphalt to the bottom layer.
    • Optimizes premium limestone content rather than low-quality limestone filler.
    • More eco-friendly due to using less asphalt and limestone than some competitors.
    • Reduces landfill space eventually taken up.
    • Optimizes weight to reduce fuel costs of transportation.
  • Z-Ridge Application in Federal WayZ-Ridge hip & ridge cap shingles: Installed at the peaks of your roof where two sides meet (ridges and hips) and provide:
    • Extra protection and balanced appearance over traditionally used cut up 3-tab shingles.
    • Wood shake depth and dimensional aesthetic.

With all appropriate 26 gauge steel flashings for perimeters, valleys, and penetrations (neoprene flashings for pipe penetrations), the components combined make for a complete roofing system and are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


Types Of Roofing We Install In Federal Way, WA

Chase Construction NW is certified with many manufacturers of every roofing style. Our roofers are factory trained to install:

This ensures you are getting top roofing technicians for your Federal Way, WA home or business repair or replacement. We have a comprehensive history installing residential and commercial roofing for both steep slope and low slop applications.  Contact us for the best roof you’ll ever have in Puyallup, Sumner, Bonney Lake, Auburn, or the surrounding area.

Chase NW is certified as 1 of 15 GAF Master Elite roofing contractors in Washington State. For a free estimate call (253) 544-3651 or fill out our estimate form and we will contact you in a timely manner.


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