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GAF Ridglass®

Premium Ridge Cap Shingles

GAF Ridglass

The perfect roof isn’t complete without the perfect finishing touches that a Ridge Cap Shingle provides. These distinctive and protective ridge caps come specially engineered for GAF® lifetime roofing systems and “accentuate the natural beauty of your newly installed architectural shingle roof.” This product provides benefits that far outreach aesthetic factors and is the ideal finish to any roofing system.

What are the Benefits?

The GAF Ridglass® premium ridge cap shingles offer additional protection and peace of mind to the consumer on top of the satisfaction of having an impeccable looking roof. The product provides enhanced limited warranty coverage. This coverage is typically 20 or 25 years when using cut up strip shingles as your ridge cap. When using Ridglass, the warranty assurance will outnumber this already lengthy period of time. Next, Ridglass offers multi-layer protection at the areas of your roof that feel the most pressure from environmental factors and normal wear and tear- the hips and ridges. The effect of not using cut-up strip shingles is both a striking and higher-quality alternative. These ridge cap shingles are deemed the “Homeowner’s Best Choice” for a number of reasons. First is their incredible appearance. The unique and ultra high profile design is 382% thicker than typical strip shingles. Sharply framing the line of your roof ensures that the natural beauty of your home shines through. Next, GAF’s Ridglass has great dimension and is designed

with an extra- thick leading edge for a real wood shake look. As is clear from the pictures here, the product makes each home look more distinguished and better defined as is necessary to achieve the perfect looking roof. The special design is uncommon and innovative because it was created for the unique architectural style of homes in Western U.S. and Canada. The color selection is unsurpassed and each is designed to complement the color of your GAF® shingles. The product stays in place due to its’ Dura Grip™ Self-seal Adhesive seals that seal each piece tightly and reduce the risk of shingle blowoff. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, GAF’s Ridglass® premium ridge cap shingles offer peace of mind to the customer. This peace of mind stems from the assurance that your home will remain beautiful and structurally intact for many years to come. The product is the Professional’s best choice as well. This is due to it being the highest quality thanks to the special SBS polymer-modified asphalt that helps prevent cracking and peeling during installation. The ridge caps come ready to install and incorporate a pre folded design with 8” exposure that ensures no costly cutting or folding on the roof. These less labor intensive alternatives save labor costs and allow us to offer greater customer value. 

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Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we are proficient in the installation of this and many other products. We have been in business for over 13 years and use products such as GAF’s Ridglass® in order to offer the most value to our customers. We would love to explain the benefits of such products to you today at one of our free estimates. Our skillful project managers are highly competent and can answer any of your questions. Chase Construction is the one to trust for your residential re-roofs, flat commercial roofs and repairs. We provide services in King County and Pierce County, along with major cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. If you are in need of roofing, decking, waterproofing, or skylight installation services contact Chase Construction North West, Inc. today. Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at (253) 544-3651. Thank you for considering us for your next project!


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