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GAF® Warranties

Offering Additional Assurance and Peace of Mind

A new roof is often a hefty investment that involves thousands of hard earned dollars that go towards a product meant to last 25,30, 40 years, or more. As with any such purchase, additional assurance that you are covered in case of any problems or defects makes the GAFtransition easier and less risky for the buyer. Though most manufacturers offer at least a limited warranty against manufacturer defects, it is vital to understand the type of coverage you are getting and what the specific terms and conditions entail. Our customers who opt for a GAF® roofing system have the opportunity to choose between the more rudimentary Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty and the more comprehensive Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty. Though both provide additional peace of mind, here we will expound on the coverage they provide and the benefits of upgrading to a Golden Pledge.

 GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty

The GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty provides coverage against manufacturing defects for all major GAF components on your roof, not just your shingles. The warranty is available through all of GAF’s factory-certified contractors and it Gaf System Plus warrantyis a low-cost way to get up to 50 years of non-prorated coverage on your new roofing system. The 100% coverage for material defects lasts the entirety of these years and covers the entire system as well as the cost of installation labor. As far as workmanship coverage, this particular warranty gives the typical coverage offered by a contractor. This includes two years of 100% coverage on labor costs as well as the mending of misapplication of certain flashings. Tear off costs are covered for material defects only and disposal costs are unfortunately not covered. The warranty includes a one time free warranty transfer as well as maximum wind coverage up to 130mph, category 3, hurricane wind speed.

 GAF® Golden Pledge Warranty

The GAF® Golden Pledge Warranty includes all of the previous aspects but with a few alterations. The Golden Pledge again provides a 50 year, 100% coverage period on material defects that include the entire system and costs of installation labor. The warranty provides maximum wind coverage and a free warranty transfer. In comparison GAF Golden Pledgewith the 2 years System Plus offers however, the Golden Pledge gives a 25 year period in which there is 100% workmanship coverage as well as the mending from misapplication of certain flashings. Tear off costs are covered for material defects as well as workmanship and disposal costs are covered for both aspects as well. The warranty even includes an inspection by GAF’s factory-trained inspectors after your new roof has been completed to ensure proper installation. The Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty is only available through GAF’s Master Elite Contractors. We are proud to be one of only 12 such roofers in the State of Washington.

 We are Proud to Offer All These Warranties! Contact Us Today!

As an honored Master Elite business, we are happy to offer our customer whichever warranty coverage they opt for. Though the benefits of a Golden Pledge are clear, both offer additional assurance to the buyer in order to ensure greater piece of mind. We would be happy to provide any of our customers a more comprehensive explanation of the terms and conditions of each during the free estimate that our skillful project managers provide. We specialize in all types of roofing and have been specializing in residential re-roofs, flat commercial roofs and repairs for over 13 years. We come highly recommended as is exemplified by our high ratings on our many customer report sites such as  BBBGoogle, and GAF.  We provide services in King County and Pierce County, along with major cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. If you are in need of roofing, decking, waterproofing, or skylight installation services contact Chase Construction North West, Inc. today. Fill out our free estimate form or call us today at (253) 544-3651. Thank you for considering us for your next project!

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