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Green Roofs around the world!

A trend popping up all over the world are green roofs. I know, we’ve heard all about it, helping the environment, recycled material, etc. But these roofs are literally green! These aren’t just rooftop gardens, but a new ecosystem, effecting the energy usage of your building, fixing problems with run off, and even providing a place for birds to call home – all on your roof!

The benefits of a “Green Roof”

Here are just a few of the many benefits of a green roof:

Improves Aesthetics:

Green roofs add natural beauty to an otherwise urban scene. This will in turn increase the building’s investment opportunity.

Storm Water Management:

The plants on the green roof absorb the water stored by the roof’s substrate, then gives it back to the environment. Storm water run off is filtered, and delayed, decreasing the amount of stress that the sewer system receives at peak flow periods.

Improves air quality:

The plants not only absorb water, but they also absorb and filter pollutants that are common in an urban environment, CO2 and noxious gasses.

When did green roofs become popular commercially?

In 2009, Richard Daley, Chicago’s Mayor, received a lot of criticism for his determination in turning Chicago’s roofs into public green spaces. but in the end, it was worth the struggle, because commercial green roofs started to take off. It all started 12 stories in the air, covering an entire city block. Currently, it saves $5,000 annually on utility Tacoma Rooferbills, and Chicago now has 7 million square feet of green roof space with many other cities catching on to the trend as well. New York for one, has saved 34% of heat loss and 84% in heat gain since adding a green roof to the Con Edison Learning Center in Queens.

Green roofs around the world

Green roofs are becoming popular around the world – Germany, Australia, and parts of Canada. In 2009, a by-law was adopted buy the city of Toronto mandating green roofs on all industrial and residential buildings, making it the first city to mandate green roofs. France tacoma rooferrecently passed a law mandating that buildings in commercial zones must be either covered in plants or solar panels. Originally, french environmentalists wanted to make these green roofs cover the all roofs in their entirety, but this is a great start in the right direction they say.

Even dogs are adapting to this trend!

This new part of the trend is designed to keep your pet cool whiletacoma roofer adding beauty to their environment. Some pet friendly plants that you can use, if you want to embark on his fun project would be; blue echeveria, bamboo, pearl plant, hens and chickens, christmas chickens, and lambs tail.

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