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Guest Blog: Roof Repair In A Few Simple Steps

Roof repair in a few simple steps

Roof Repair Tips Finding troublesome areas on your roof is naturally the most convenient way to

determine whether you need to hire an  expert roofer. To discover a trouble area on your roof simply go into your attic and look for areas where water staining is evident. You will be able to identify problematic areas by the streaks or water migration trails, wet insulation and mold. A trained eye can also immediately spot where the issues occurred on the exterior of your house specifically if you know what to search for.

Meticulously analyze your roof for damage such as granule loss, blown-off or missing shingles and cracked or curled shingles.  If you are able to pull on your shingle and remove it from the roof it has not been fastened down properly, those tiles will need to be secured with additional nails.

Many of these problems can be fixed on your own. If your shingles are newer and appear to be curled they can still function as a waterproofing agent. Simply reshape the curled shingles with your hands. Not all roof structures are safe for everyone to work on and often times a roof can have a very steep pitch. In this case you should hire a professional roofing contractor in your area. For example, If you live in Toronto City, call a contractor like Toronto Roof Repair, the best service provider in the city.

If the weather is warm, shingles must be flexible and relatively easy to be bent back into their appropriate shape. During winter, shingles become breakable. If this holds true, you need to heat up the curled shingles with a blow dryer prior to reforming them. You ought to replace shingles which have currently been harmed. To do this, simply remove any nails that are holding the damage shingles in location and remove the old asphalt roofing tile. Slide a new shingle into place and connect them at the corners as the previous shingles were attached utilizing galvanized roof nails. Cover the bundle of this shingle as well as the nail heads with roofing system cement to seal them and prevent water leakage.

There is a lot to consider when determining whether you can perform your own roof repair or if you should hire a professional roofing contractor. If you feel you cannot safely perform the work simple search online for a roofing contractor in your city. Call 3-5 roofers and schedule an estimate. Choose the contractor that offers the best value and price for a sound roofing solution.

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  1. I had my total roof replaced in March,2013, by Chase. I was impressed by Chase’s attention to detail. They arrived when they said they would; they treated my plants, lawn and deck with care; no hidden charges; no foul language by the technicians; and when the technicians left there was no evidence they were there at all except for a nice new roof(white glove treatment). It is now July and since March we have experienced several strong wind & rain storms. The roof held up beautifully. July brings the heat and I believe the new roof has made my house a few degrees cooler. I give Joshua and his team high marks for price, quality and workmanship. Thank you Chase NW.

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