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How to Prevent Wind & Hail Damage to Your Roof

Chase Construction North West Inc.High winds and hail storms are capable of incurring major damage to your roof. However, there are preventative measures you can take to limit these negative effects. If the forecast predicts troubling weather ahead, pay careful attention to the following guidelines, designed to facilitate in minimizing the destructive force of wind and hail.

1. Examine the flashing
If wind gains a foothold on a loose panel of metal flashing, an updraft could pry the whole section away from the roof deck. In order to not only protect against wind damage, but also to guard against water penetration to the underlying plywoodloose or exposed flashing must be immediately reinforced. As a homeowner, you should perform routine inspections and be the first to notice exposed metal flashing from the outside. Level of effectiveness can also be gauged from the inside as if you see damp or moldy areas in the areas in the plywood underneath the flashing, you may already have a water leak. The solution now is to get a professional roofer to inspect and fortify the flashing components around the chimneys, air ducts and in angled roof grooves.
2.   Increase roof stability
A roof with steep gables feels the most severe impact and strain from forceful winds. To reduce vulnerability and the potential danger to the whole roof structure, a roofer may reinforce the rafters with wood beams. They can also ensure that wind enters and exits your attic at an acceptable rate as otherwise, pressure can build up inside the roof during a windstorm.

3.   Consider shingle replacement
-Inspect the perimeter of your home for curlingloose or missing shingles. In order to examine the steep slopes of the roof up close, you should contact a professional roofer. If the roof structure currently needs at least a section of the shingles replaced, consider using a product rated to withstand heavy hail and storms. Depending on the size, shape, and speed at which the hail hits the roof, the chunks of ice can make small punctures in the shingle cover, which are difficult to see until they lead to water damage in the future. Impact-resistant shingles are less prone to being compromised after a hailstorm.
4.   Trim the landscape
-Even if your home is fully guarded against wind and hail, a threat that may still be present is unstable trees or those with overhanging limbs that tower over your roof and home. If a tree collapses on your roof during a strong storm, shingle damage will not be your only concern. If you believe such tree branches are endangering your home, call a roofer today for advice on how and where to trim down each branch. Pruning trees is not harmful to their growth and actually helps trees to flourish. If the branches are large and heavy, do not attempt to trim it on your own, but rather hire a professional tree trimmer to complete the task!

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