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IKO Launches New Line of Shingles!

Innovative Laminated Asphalt Roofing Shingles!

Our trusted partner, IKO, has launched advanced architectural laminated asphalt roofing shingles! The new addition to the company’s line-up is said to be among the most advanced architectural laminated asphalt roofing shingles IKO has ever produced. The innovative feature of this new shingle’s advanced design is the addition of the “ArmourZone.” This is an enlarged nailing area that allows for faster installation that is easier and much more accurate. The addition of a tear-resistant, reinforced IKO Chase Construction North West Inc.woven band within the ArmourZone provides fastening strength over a larger surface area of the shingle, helping to resist pull-through. Two nailing lines, 1-1/4 inches apart, are able to guide installers to Dynasty shingles’ wider nailing surface for correct nail placement. The fastening power ensures that shingles will perform as they should against high wind and inclement weather when the nails are applied in this special “ArmourZone” area. According to Carol Perkins, IKO’s Director of Marketing, “Dynasty shingles are warranted to withstand high winds of up to 130 mph with the use of only four nails. That’s a category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane scale. And homeowners needn’t worry- the nail lines aren’t visible once the shingles are installed.”

Additional Benefits

The new Dynasty roofing product is made in IKO’s custom “Advantage” size. Installation is faster and easier due to the fact that these shingles are bigger than most competitors’ comparable products. To further enhance the curb appeal of your finished roof, the shingles also offer greater exposure. Other features of the Dynasty’s shingle construction include IKO’s tough, Fastlock modified bitumen sealant. It’s formulated to be thick and aggressive to form a strong bond. Algae Block ceramic copper-coated granules provide built-in algae-resistance as well. Perkins states that homeowners will appreciate the deep shadow bands and dimensional profile of IKO’s new Dynasty shingles. “Theres a choice of seven stunning colors: Appalachian, Sedona, Biscayne, Cornerstone, Pacific Rim, Castle Grey and Glacier. They’re all designed to complement any style of architecture and appeal to the homeowner’s personal sense of style. Dynasty IKO Chase Construction North West Inc.shingles can make a home stand out or blend into its natural surroundings.” To ensure a stunning roofline, there are also matching hip and ridge cap shingles. Along with the Dynasty shingles, they are a part of IKO’s PRO4 Roofing Components which “work together to provide homeowners with effective protection against the elements and total peace of mind.”

About Us

Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we have been in partnership with IKO for many years and are even a ShieldPro Plus contractor through their company. We pride ourselves not only on superior materials but also superior training and installation. This way, we ensure that our customers get the most value. Our customer reviews speak for themselves and we have been given a 4.5 star rating on sites such as BBBGoogle, and GAF. You can trust Chase Construction Northwest, Inc. with your residential re-roofs and your large flat commercial projects. You can contact us today to schedule your free estimate at (253) 544-3651 or by filling out our estimate form. Thank you for visiting our website and considering us for your next project!


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