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Keeping Homes Safe with Habitat for Humanity

At Chase Construction North West, Inc., we realize that we are only as strong as the community around us. Each day provides new opportunities to help our community. As they say, a rising tide raises all ships. We try to do what we can to raise the tide so that everybody can be healthier and happier. The world can be tough and unforgiving at times, but if we pull together and help each other, every challenge can be overcome!

We have learned that giving back to our community is among the most rewarding things we can do. Habitat for Humanity provides excellent avenues to help those most in need. Habitat believes that every family should have a home, and so do we! Habitat extends this vision beyond just building new homes to repairing existing homes.  This spring, we were excited to work on a project with Habitat and roofing product manufacturer, GAF, to re-roof a wonderful family home.

Habitat for Humanity Roof Job in Seattle

What is Habitat for Humanity?

For more than 41 years, Habitat has worked tirelessly to ensure that no family is without a roof  over its head.  Habitat achieves this through a collaboration of volunteers and those in need of housing working together to build affordable homes. Each home is built at no profit and payments combine with no-interest loans.

Today, Habitat has helped 9.8 million people build security and success throughout 70 countries!

Why Housing?

A family with a roof over its head has one of the most important foundations it needs to lead rewarding lives and provide for children. Studies show Habitat homeowners develop improved grades and better financial health.

GAF and Chase Construction North West, Inc. team up!

Habitat for Humanity Roof Project in SeattleIn the spring of 2018, GAF and Chase Construction North West, Inc. worked together to re-roof a home in Seattle. GAF was looking for the best roofing contractor to connect with Habitat, so naturally they gave us a call!  For each home, they donate material and we donate labor. As always, this project was exciting, and we got to install one of the most effective and cool looking ventilation systems!

We love working with GAF on Habitat projects, and we agree deeply with the Habitat mission. Affordable housing is of the utmost importance for healthy and happy families, and we are devoted to do everything we can to help actualize this dream.

Tom Stancik, the GAF territory manager that we worked with on this project, put it best:  “We want to help people that can’t afford to fix their homes.  It’s up to us as community members to donate and help them out.”

GAF is an excellent partner to work with to build affordable housing. They donate their best products and are prompt to respond to any inquiry or challenge that may arise.

We look forward to working more with Habitat and GAF this Summer!

Habitat for Humanity Roof Job in Seattle

Habitat for Humanity Roof Job in Seattle


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