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Metal Roofing Company In Tacoma WA: Big Foot Java

New Metal Roof In Tacoma WA

Metal Roofers Tacoma WAMetal roofing is a standard many business and homeowners are turning to. If you consider roofing from a long term mindset you will quickly realize it is a very cost effective investment! When installed properly with a solid underlayment system a metal roof should last 50 + years. An asphalt shingle roof if maintained properly can typically last 17-25 years.  You will need to replace an asphalt shingle roof 2-3 times in the life of a metal roof. If you’re going to live in your home for an extended period of time or keep your home in the family a metal roof would be a wise investment! Chase Construction North West, Inc is an experience factory certified metal roofing company in Tacoma, WA. Call us today for a free consultation at (253) 544-3651.

Metal Roof Installed On Big Foot Java In Tacoma WA


Metal Roofing System Components

This particular roof was an 8:12 pitch. We utilized leak barrier membrane as an underlayment. We thought this was a great choice for this roof due to the tiered style of roof deck. The panels are Custom Bilt Metals SLZ-1500 series. They are 12″ wide with a standing seam of 1.5″. The color of these panels is zinc-alum. This roof is the standard specification for Big Foot Java’s, one of the Pacific North West’s favorite local coffee shop! We installed two of these metal roofs in Tacoma and another one in Auburn, WA.

We Are An Experienced Metal Roofing Company In Tacoma, WA

Chase Construction North West, Inc is a trusted roofing authority in Tacoma, WA and the Puget Sound area. We have an extensive history of 20+ years installing all types of roofing on businesses and homes. Our technicians are factory trained and certified to install metal roofing, asphalt shingles, torchdown, single ply, slate and more! Call us today for expert advice on your next roofing project or fill out our free estimate form in the menu bar on the left!


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  1. Metal roofs are awesome. It’s one of the only roofing materials that have actually lived up to the manufacturers warranty and is about as low maintenance as a roof can be. Nice blog.

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