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Puyallup Roof Replacement Before and Afters | Puyallup Roofing Company

Puyallup Roof Replacement Before and Afters

Chase Construction North West, Inc. is at it again! We just transformed another home in Puyallup with a new roofing system. With 3 leaks in her home, we responded quickly and gave her a competitive price for roof replacement. Our roofers tore off the old 3-tab roofing system and installed a new IKO Cambridge architectural laminate roofing system – color: Weatherwood. You will see the spectacular difference in the before and after photos. 

IKO Pro 4 System

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As a roofing contractor in Puyallup, WA we emphatically utilize a complete roofing system. Whatever manufacturer we use on a given structure we utilize their roofing system. Each manufacturer allows their certified contractors to conduct roof replacement with greater levels of warranties than non certified contractors. In order for the new roof to qualify for the upgraded warranty you will need to utilize IKO’s shingles and 3 accessories. This qualifies the roof for the ShieldPro Plus 20 year no dollar limit warranty on the entire roofing system for leaks caused by material defect.

The Pro-4 system for IKO Cambridge we use composes of these four IKO components:

  • StormShield ice and water shield in critical leak areas, like valleys, where roof designs funnel rainwater to.
  • Leading Edge Plus Starter shingles for perimeter protection.  At roof edges, rainwater can sneak back up underneath the shingles.  We also use 26 gauge steel flashings for this.
  • Cambridge field shingles across the entire roof deck.  These heavy duty shingles provide a varied aesthetic to emulate wood shakes.
  • Hip and Ridge 12 cap shingles designed to match the field shingles for the roof’s peaks.

IKO uses a min/max strategy for its Cambridge roof replacement system: minimizing cost while maximizing function and aesthetics.  This is known as value-engineering, and results in a quality bang-for-your-buck system.  Some designer roofing shingles have a tremendous amount of energy put into making the most aesthetically pleasing profiles, but in turn that increases their costs (sometimes significantly).

Where the products are manufactured matters too.  The IKO shingles used for the Puyallup area are manufactured up in Sumas, Washington, and the plant has a fantastic track record.  The facility’s proximity to Puyallup helps push down the cost of an IKO Cambridge roof replacement system as well.

Puyallup Roofing Company

The roofing industry can like the Wild West at times.  When you put your faith into a roofing company, you hope they’re true to their word and that they install your roof correctly.  Like many homeowners, you probably understand that a new roof can look just fine at first, yet be installed incorrectly, resulting in noticeable leaks years down the road.  By then, the roofing company may be one of the whopping 39.1% of roofing companies that go out of business within the first 5 years of operation!  Reputation, years in business, and manufacturer designations are three of the most important ways to know that you’re in good hands with the roofing company you’ve selected.

We have proudly served Puyallup as it’s top roofing company since 2002.  Not only are we licensed, bonded, and insured, but we are GAF Master Elite contractors, which is the most select roofing designation in the country.  Less than 2% of roofing companies qualify.  We’ve maintained this awesome status since 2011.  When you’re looking for expert roofers you can truly depend on to do the job right, we’re the roofing company for you!

Are you prepared for a beautiful roof to protect your home from the temperate rainforest weather we get in Puyallup?  Call us today at (253) 544-3651 or complete our quick estimate form for your free, in-home estimate!

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