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NRCA National Roofing Week 2018: Employee Training

There are few components as important for a great business than proper employee training!  Of the many different ways we train our employees, for NRCA National Roofing Week 2018: Employee Training, we’ll present training from professionals outside of the company.  Sometimes these professionals can provide invaluable insight, and we love learning from them!

Whenever the opportunity arises, our team will attend classes provided by manufacturers and suppliers.  These are excellent opportunities to learn as much as we can about cutting edge products and services.  We use the knowledge gained to help our customers find the right system for their project, and the skills gained to properly install those systems.  Recent examples include training with Versico and Polyglass at the CDS distribution center, and a diverse collection of training with RCAW and GAF. Below are a few examples of the training that we have sent our team to participate in recently:


Set at the CDS Distribution Center in Fife, WA, Versico put on a training session demonstrating how to apply various adhesives that they manufacture. Tom Donnellan showed us the simple way their products are applied and let our team members try it out!


Jim Potter demonstrating proper torch-down technique during Polyglass training.  He taught some new and useful techniques!


RCAW Trade Show

Darin Parker discussing proper equipment use at the RCAW trade show.  His emphasis on safety was very informative!

RCAW Trade Show 2018


GAF Northwest Roofing Expo

Of course, All of the training that we received at the GAF Northwest Roofing Expo  was excellent as well! Below is a video of what we did.

Some of the best training that we received was by Robert O’Neil! Checkout the video below.

What’s next for National Roofing Week:

Wednesday, June 6: Charitable projects, where we’ll share photos that demonstrate our company’s charitable giving.

Thursday, June 7: Signature projects, where we’ll share photos of our signature residential and commercial projects.

Friday, June 8: Celebration, where we’ll share photos of how we celebrated National Roofing Week.

We have some great stuff in the works for these days and can’t wait to show you!

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