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As a roofing company, we deal with everything that goes along with your roof – vents, chimneys, and of course skylights. Living in the great Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by beautiful scenes, many of us have chosen to add skylights to our home in order to bring in light and brighten up a room into our homes. At Chase Construction NW, Inc., we only work with the best, and since we don’t make skylights, we need the best skylight manufacturer to fulfill the demand of our customers. That is where Tam Industries come in, when it comes to skylights, they are the best!

TAM skylights

“Tam Skylights are the best performing skylights on the market”

Who is Tam?

TAM Skylight replacement by Chase Construction

Tam industries was founded in 1970 by Louie Tam in his garage in Seattle, WA. He worked with a acrylic sheets, and eventually fiberglass. As the energy crisis hit the 1970s, he saw a need for energy efficient products and the evolution in the demand for skylights. Marketing to existing clients, and using material that he already had, he started manufacturing acrylic dome skylights. And the rest is history! In the ’80s, with the acquisition of a larger skylight manufacturing company, production capability increased, and Louie was able to establish his company, as one of the leaders in skylight manufacturing in the Pacific Northwest. Louie’s son Irwin now runs this family owned business in Seattle in a 50,000 sq ft facility. Tam Skylights have proven themselves to many local contractors and homeowners of the reliability and quality of their skylights.

Why we use Tam

We Proudly Offer TAM SkykightsOur clients depend on us to only choose the best material for their roofs, so when we choose a company to work with, we do our homework! Through research, we found out that Tam is the one of the only companies that welds their miters on all 4 corners – not caulked. Their quality of manufacturing led us to them. We have been partnering with Tam since 1993, and they have never let us down!  We have never had a call back for any leaks associated with the manufacturing of their skylights. Our clients love letting the outdoors in, and are always satisfied with their new skylights! The peace of mind and quality of products that we can pass on to our clients is so satisfying.

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