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Preventing Roof Leaks 1

Prevent Roof Leaks-Know The Signs

Throughout the evolution of roofing there are a few key components that remain the most problematic and consistent roof leak areas. In the next few weeks I would like to take each system component one item at a time and break them down so you can become familiar with what they look like when they are failing. Our goal as roofing contractors is not only to provide you with a great service and have a profitable business doing it, its also to educate you so you can catch some of these roof leak symptom on time and have us fix them so they don’t cause unnecessary damages like mold, structural rot and more.

Pipe Boots

Plumbing Pipe Boots What is a pipe boot anyway? Every house has plumbing systems that enable water to be dispersed throughout the home. The plumbing system extends through the roof and leaves an exposed PVC pipe hanging out. There is a small area between the pipe and the hole cut in the roof where water can leak into the attic. The system component designed to waterproof this area is called a plumbing pipe boot. The pipe boot has a base that slides up under the shingles and a neoprene extension which fits tightly around the pipe.

Where Pipe Boots Fail

Leaky-plumbing-pipe-bootAsphalt roofing is designed to last up to 50 years. One problem the industry is encountering is that many roof components don’t quite keep up with that standard. Pipe boots for instance often deteriorate after 8-15 years. The breakdown is most often in the the neoprene section of the product or the metal base. The metal base can “curl up” or “fish mouth” allowing rain to enter through the breakage or by wind driven rains.

If you see that your pipe  boots are looking aged you should have them inspected. Look for holes or thinning areas. Look for areas where the base is lifting off of the shingle. If your pipe boots are ready for replacement contact a certified roofing contractor to replace them.

We look forward to sharing more critical roof leak areas over the next few weeks!

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