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Roof Coating Strengths & Weaknesses

Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we specialize in all types of roofing, both residential and commercial. We are proud of our many commercial jobs as they give us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and produce something of both beauty and quality on a larger scale. Commercial projects offer a change of pace for our crew as the materials and processes used sometimes widely differ than those of residential projects. While traditional shingles or a metal roof is usually the standard for residential properties, a roof coating can be the right choice for a commercial property, especially in a period of

rising labor costs and environmental concerns. A coating acts as a barrier that shields the roof from the elements by increasing UV protection to fight against the sun’s harmful rays. In turn, this process assists in reducing the building’s energy costs as well as limiting expansion and contraction cycles that lead to premature failure of the underlying membrane in maintenance applications. Additionally a coating is water-resistant, but some materials are better than others when it comes to preventing ponding water. A coating can be a great cost effective option as compared to a full roof replacement, but it’s vital to do your research concerning the condition of the roof and its location, slope, and exposure to chemicals, heat, and UV rays. Following we have a comparison of strengths and weaknesses to help you determine which coating material is best for your next commercial roofing job!

Acrylic roof coatings:

Acrylic is a water-based, cost-effective solution for a variety of roofs. The material works well with most climates and provides the best value. Roof coating contractor commercial roofer tacoma Chase Construction North West Inc. Strengths: Acrylic coatings offer a superior balance of cost and performance. They are highly reflective, UV resistant, and easy for roofing crews to work with. Weaknesses: Acrylics tend to lose mil thickness with weathering, need to be applied at 50º F or above, and typically do not offer the best performance in terms of ponding-water situations.

Polyurethane roof coatings:

Polyurethanes are more impact resistant and handle traffic better than any other coating. There are two main types of polyurethane coatings: aromatic and aliphatic. Aromatic coatings are less costly and not UV stable, so they usually act as a base coating. Aliphatic coatings are more costly, but are UV stable, hold color well, and stay cleaner than most other coatings. Roof coating contractor commercial roofer tacoma Chase Construction North West Inc. Strengths: A urethane roof coating system with an aromatic base and an aliphatic top coat is durable, stays cleaner, and is more resistant to ponding water than an acrylic coating. This combination also does well as a cool roof because it tends to be white and stay clean. Weaknesses: They are more expensive than acrylics and can give off a stronger odor when compared to most other coatings.

Silicone roof coatings:

Silicones are moisture cured and humidity can even promote their cure. In some applications, the use of silicone can eliminate the need for a primer.

Chase Construction uses Gaco Western SiliconeStrengths: Silicones weather better than other coatings with almost no erosion or possibility of getting hard or brittle. Silicone also bodes well in ponding water situations. Weaknesses: Silicones hold dirt and rain acts as a cleaner which causes the material to lose reflectivity over time. It is also difficult to adhere to silicone, so when a roof needs re-coating, you must either remove the coating completely or re-coat with a compatible silicone. Resistance to tearing is a mechanical weakness and silicone coatings should be used with fabric as a common practice. There are many choices when it comes to coatings, but this category of roofing systems can be cost and energy efficient and offer a good solution instead of a full roof tear-off and replacement. If you remain unsure about which option is best for you, call one of our talented estimators today! We have been in business in the Puget Sound for over 13 years and we work hard to provide our customers with the most value and peace of mind, no matter the size of the project. Ask to see some of our beautiful past work! We look forward to hearing from you! Start the new year by best protecting your home! We provide services in King County and Pierce County, along with major cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. If you are in need of roofing, decking, waterproofing, or skylight installation services, contact Chase Construction North West Inc. today! Fill out our quick estimate form or call us at (253) 544-3651.   Check out our video on GacoFlex Roof System!

Check out our video on the GacoFlex Roof System!

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  1. Hey, I have found that your video is very helpful! After going through this post, people will get aware about the different types of roof coating’s strengths & weaknesses and on the behalf of them, they will make decision of roof coating choice easily.

  2. I like that you said one of the strengths of silicone roof coatings is that there is almost no erosion. My brother just bought a restaurant and he wants to get a coating put on the roof. I’ll recommend that he look more into silicone roof coating.

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