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Ventilation and a Healthy Roof System

Most American homes have slopes and shingles that encapsulate the attic in the interior of the home. With this type of scenario, a drawback occurs from a lack of proper ventilation from the attic to the roof assembly. While most contemporary structures have comprehensive building codes altered to account for this shortcoming, older homes often require remediation in terms of this issue.

Key Benefits of Roof Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation provides year-round protection against a number of specific problems. These can arise in houses that don’t have enough airflow running through their roof assemblies. The first of these problems stems from the trapping of excess heat. During the summer months, a plethora of heat can accumulate in attics, due to vast rooftop sun exposure and heat’s natural propensity to rise. This trapped heat can force your cooling system to work overtime, sending your energy bills through the roof. Next, improper ventilation can cause roof decking and shingle damage. Summer heat, especially when combined with high humidity, can morph the appearance and structure of your shingles. Improper ventilation isn’t only an issue in the summer months though. In the winter, condensation emerges as a cause for concern.

winter and summer roof ventilation

During these months, warm and moist air from the lower levels of your home tends to rise and collect in the attic, causing condensation. This can cause problems such as rotting and buckling of the roof deck, mold and mildew, and insulation damage. One of the most significant problems caused by inadequate insulation is wintertime ice dams, in which water freezes in your roof gutters and forces a backup of cold water to build up below your shingles. This can generate the need for hefty expenses stemming from repairs as well as substantial damage to your roof, interior walls, and ceilings. If you’re already experiencing problems, or if you need assistance in adding ventilation, don’t hesitate to contact us! A small investment today can help you avoid massive repair bills in the future!

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