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Roofing Shingle of the year by Owens Corning

Sedona Canyon is 2017’s Color of the Year!

Owens Corning, Innovations For LivingDid you know that your roof can take up to 40% of your homes exterior? This makes the decision of choosing a color even more important. Luckily for us, Owens Corning takes this task very seriously. So serious in fact, that they started a “Color of the Year” program! To do this, Owens Corning joined forces with Leatrice Eiseman, global color expert and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute™ to pair trending PANTONE® fashion colors with Owens Corning Duration® Series shingles“By creating an array of fashion-centric shingle pairings, Owens Corning is showing how shingles can work beautifully in a coordinated palette of color options for the exterior of the home,” Eiseman said.

Treating your roof like a fashion statement?

Owens Corning Color of the year 2017, Sedona Canyon“We want to help homeowners, especially those who are the primary design influence in the home, consider new and different color boundaries for their home’s exterior, It’s a new way for fashion and design conscious homeowners to look at home design.” Sue Burkett, Marketing leader at Owens Corning

Treating the roof as a fashion statement, Owens Corning is helping homeowners address the exterior remodel of their home. Already known for its revolutionary TruDefinition® Duration® Designer Colors, this shingle manufacturer is taking roof color to the next level, and making it a forefront in design conversations.

SEDONA CANYON, Owens Corning Color of the year 2017“The color Sedona Canyon was selected for its warmth and resemblance to real wood. It has subtle, yet compelling shades that enhance the depth and dimension of a home’s roof. Its medium and red-toned browns, butterscotch-colored hues and twists of blue-gray are versatile and on-trend – celebrating the colors of the season.”

sedona_canyon_by Owens CorningSue Burkett states that an attractive roof is important to the beauty and value of your home. “People have always incorporated the latest fashion colors into their clothing, furnishings and interiors. They surround themselves with the colors that they love.”  The color of the year program is designed to make choosing a color easy for fashion conscious homeowners. This year’s color Sedona Canyon, was selected for its ease of pairing with traditional as well as modern colors. “Sedona Canyon, from the Duration Designer Colors Collection, is a warm and welcoming color that expresses instant curb appeal.” Leatrice  Eiseman.

Check out the video!

Leatrice Eiseman describes this year’s Color of the Year.

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