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Film-Surfaced Leak Barrier

In a state as rain prone as ours, it is vital to utilize as much protection as possible when it comes to leaks. Manufacturers have created many ice and water shields in order to serve this very purpose. Today we’d like to shine a light on GAF’s StormGuard® and the GAF Chase Construction North West Inc.ways in which it helps protect your home from wind-driven rain and damaging ice dams with a leak barrier.

The Benefits

As a whole, a quality leak barrier performs a vital function for your roof. This stems from creating a seal that helps keep water out at the most vulnerable areas of your shingle or metal roof. These include in valleys, around chimneys, and at the eaves and rakes. StormGuard® leak barrier will help protect your home from costly wall and ceiling staining. Additionally, it will help prevent leaks due to water damming in your gutters, wind-driven rain, and damaging ice dams that occur here in the North. Though codes only require protection against ice dams at eaves wherever the average January temperature is 25º F, you still need to be prepared because these dams can and do occur at higher temperatures. Also keep in mind that if you are in an area that requires leak barrier protection and there is a leak, you are potentially putting your insurance coverage at risk by not installing it. GAF’s StormGuard® is the Homeowner’s Best Choice for a number of reasons. First, it looks better as the fiberglass GAF StormGuard Chase Construction North West Inc.reinforcement helps resist wrinkling and buckling, and it lays flatter under shingles. StormGuard meets building codes in areas where a leak barrier must be used, and it offers peace of mind with its’ comprehensive warranties. There is up to a lifetime ltd. warranty when used on Lifetime Shingle roofs, up to a 25-year ltd. warranty when used on non-Lifetime shingle roofs, and up to a 10-year ltd. warranty when used with other approved roof coverings. When it comes to installation, StormGuard also offers many benefits to roofing professionals. First, it helps eliminate waste by utilizing a special adhesive that allows for one-time repositioning, but aggressively adheres over time. It is dependable and self-seals around nails or metal roofing fasteners, and also saves labor through its split-back release film that makes installation easy. StormGuard’s roll sizes are convenient and it is great for emergencies as it can, if necessary, be left exposed for up to 60 days on asphalt shingle roofs. Lastly, the GAF StormGuard Chase Construction North West Inc.material is versatile and the high temperature compound is suitable for most shingle roof systems and metal roof applications.

About Us

Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we always use the most functional and long lasting products available. We are GAF Master Elite roofers and are trained to professionally install all GAF products. We are knowledgable and can expound on all product needs and benefits. Most importantly, we work hard to relay the most value to our customers as well as give them an end product that is exactly what they wanted. Call us today for your residential and commercial roofing needs Puget Sound! We provide services in King County and Pierce County, along with major cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn, Des Moines and all of the surrounding cities. If you are in need of roofing, decking, waterproofing, or skylight installation services contact Chase Construction North West Inc. today at (253) 544-3651 or fill out our free estimate form!
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