Metal roofing lasts longer than any other popular options

Steel is such a robust material that it can be expected to outlast wood or asphalt composite shingles.  Many barn roofs have metal with exposed fasteners, but this can lead to trouble on houses because exposed fasteners will always eventually leak.  Either the rubber grommets will deteriorate and get brittle or the screw can gradually back out, leaving tiny gaps for water to penetrate.

The solution to this is standing seam metal panels that are designed to have no exposed fasteners, like Nu Ray Metals 6000.  When properly installed, this roof can last 2 to 3 times as long as wood or asphalt composition shingles.

Metal roofing withstands high winds spectacularly

One of the biggest causes of the need for roof repairs is shingle blow-off.  Most high winds won’t dislodge shingles, but the real danger is the rare yet inevitable extremely high winds.  They can pull off shingles from just about any roof.  Then the roof is left exposed and in need of costly repairs.  Sometimes the effect of winds can be so intense that the whole roof needs to be replaced prematurely.

However, metal roofing is far more resilient to these extremes of high wind.  The typical way high winds blow off roofing shingles is by getting under the bottom side with a deteriorated seal, and then flipping the shingle up, causing a break along the nails.

With standing seam metal panels, you don’t have this problem.  They’re long, heavy, and are much more secure.

Metal roofing deters accumulation of moss and algae

A common cause of premature failure of a roof is organic growth like moss and algae.  They act as water sponges and can grow through the tiny openings between shingles.  Over time moss can destroy a good roof by getting water everywhere it shouldn’t be, and by deteriorating the protective oils on the shingles, leading to premature cracking.

As long as there is regular maintenance that removes debris from the roofing panels, not enough water will accumulate to facilitate moss growth.

While both composition shingles and metal panels can make excellent roofs, you may want to consider metal roofing if any of these factors are met:

  • You live in an area that can get extremely high winds (even if rare).
  • You love the modern design of metal panels and don’t want to have to replace the roof again.
  • Your house has a lot of shade where moss can more easily grow.

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