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The Most Common Causes Of A Roof Leak

Leaking roof
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Life happens, and so do roof leaks! A leaking roof can definitely put a cramp in your style, and in your pocket book. The good news, however, is that if you know the most common causes of a roof leak, and the signs of a leaking roof, you can stop major damage before it starts. Roof repair can save you thousands of dollars in damage to the interior of your home.  It is a very good idea to have your roof inspected every couple of years. You should also consider establishing a yearly roof maintenance program. If you are in Tacoma, Puyallup or the surrounding Puget Sound area and would like a free roof inspection, fill out our quick estimate form. One of our expert roofers will contact you shortly. We only provide the best roofing materials such as GAF, IKO and Versico.

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Most Common Leak Areas

There are many different reasons a roof leak might occur. In this article I am going to focus on some of the most critical leak prone areas that are easy to detect. For a broader look into the condition of your roof please read our blog “Kay danger signals of a leaking roof”. Key causes for roof leaks are usually found in: failed roof flashing (chimney flashing, step metal, back pan, roof to wall etc.), damaged or worn out roof vents, worn or damaged roofing shingles, improper installation, and lack of proper roofing system components such as leak barrier.

The first sign that you have a roof leak is water staining on your ceiling or walls. It often shows up heavily on the seams, the path of least resistance. If you begin to see this roof leak symptom don’t procrastinate getting your roof inspected, its only going to get worse if you don’t get the roof leak repaired.

Water staining from roof leak
Water staining is very visible with a bad roof leak!

Once you see the water staining call Chase Construction NW Inc., (if you’re in the Puget Sound) or alicensed roofing company in your area. Next, you will need to go into the attic and see if you can locate water entry points on the roof sheathing. Water migration trails can easily be seen and lead you back to the roof leaks point of entry. Now its time to go up onto the roof and see what’s going on overhead.  If you are going to go up on the roof yourself please wear proper safety gear. We always recommend leaving dangerous work like roofing to the experts.

Through process of elimination begin to check out what type of penetrations such as a chimney, vent or plumbing pipe boots are in that vicinity of the roof. If it is around a chimney check the condition of the flashing. Is it rusted or pulled away from the brick leaving large gaps. Are there cracks in the chimney or chimney cap. Is there proper roof flashings and chimney counter flashing? If there is a vent or pipe check to see if aging and weatherization has created holes. Rusted out nails and failed caulking are leading causes of roof leaks in vents and pipe boots.

Rusted out roof vent on Tacoma Re-roof
Rusted out vent on Tacoma re-roof.

Now that you have located the suspect leak areas you have half of the battle won! As a homeowner you should familiarize yourself with “roof health” and know when its time to replace or repair your roof. Stopping these leaks “in time” is critical to preserving the longevity of the roof, preventing rot in your framing, and prohibiting dangerous attic molds from spawning.

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