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The Right Roofing For Washington State Weather

What Is The Best Roofing Material For Washington State

Best-Roofing-Material-Washington-StateIn Washington, it rains, all the time. So how does a Washington State homeowner properly roof their home in preparation for such weather conditions? Besides hiring the right roofing contractor, it is important to find the best shingle for WA state that will hold up to a rainy climate. GAF’s Grand Canyon® Shingles are a perfect match for Washingtonians. These shingles come packed with beneficial features that will leave you feeling safe and at ease with the roof over your head.

Protection Against the Elements

The Grand Canyon® Shingles come equipped with protection that keeps unsightly blue-green algae away. Algae is well adapted to extreme conditions, such as, you guessed it, heavy rain! These dark stains on your roof are likely to harbor a number of molds and fungi which can lead to increased allergies, toxicity, and structural house problems.

Windy weather? No problem if your roof is installed with these shingles. The Grand Canyon® Shingles are sealed tightly by Dura Grip™ Adhesive which reduces the risk of shingle blow-off. These tough shingles are warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph!

And unlike wood shakes and some plastic/synthetic shingles, these shingles received a Class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories (the highest rating possible).

Aesthetically Appealing

Looking for a sophisticated design for your roof? Look no further, the Grand Canyon® Shingles have artisan-crafted shapes that are combined with oversized tabs and dimensional designs resulting in a sophisticate beauty that other shingles lack. The shingles come with an option of several different colors that accentuate each shingle’s natural appeal.

Environmentally Friendly

Grand Canyon® Shingles are designed with advanced protection technology which minimizes the use of natural resources while protecting your home. Not only are these shingles tested for toughness, granule adhesion, wind uplift resistance, flexibility and fire resistance, but also protects nature.

By using less asphalt and limestone, these shingles eliminate unnecessary waste of natural resources. They also reduce transportation waste because they are weight-optimized to minimize fuel use. Additionally, unlike other asphalt shingles, these can be recycled!

It’s important for Washington State homeowners to not only hire the right contractor for a roofing job, but also choose the right roofing material that will best protect their family and home.

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