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The Roofing Pricing Standard

Is Price Really Just A Number?

When choosing a roofing contractor, it is tempting to only consider price. Some Chase Construction North West Inc.homeowners simply schedule a large number of estimates and then go with the company who offers them the lowest price. However, what implications does this have and what does price truly measure? At the IKO® conference we attended, talented speaker John DeRosa Jr. made a valid and thoughtful point – all roofing contractors use basically the same roofing systems, what do the fluctuations in price really mean?

A Thoughtful Comparison

A comparison was made that really stuck out. Lets say you are in the market for a new car and you know the exact make, model, and year you want. Where you buy the car Roofer Chase Construction North West Incdoesn’t matter to you, in any case, you’re getting the exact car you want– same tires, same color, same warranty. In this scenario, yes, price is the deciding factor. However, lets say that the manufacturer delivered the car to your home in 50,000 pieces that you then had to hire someone to assemble. The questions then center around the qualifications and expertise of the person you hire and price takes a backseat in terms of importance. What if there are parts left over after the assembly has  been completed? Can you really trust just anybody with the vehicle that your family will ride in? Will the car be able to withstand wind, rain, hail, or even just a steep driveway? When this is the case, there are a huge number of factors that go into the job being done right. You might think this scenario has nothing to do with assembling a new roof, but are the two instances really that different? A roofing contractor with the help of manufacturing partners brings thousands of roofing pieces to your home that you then have to trust him to build the roof with in an aesthetically pleasing way that ensures Roofer Chase Construction North West Incno leaks or damage to the covering protecting your family. Environmental factors and training suddenly play a huge role and the most important facet of the job becomes safety, not price. When you receive a large number of proposals, it is fair to dismiss any large outliers as being greedy. However, when the price difference is a few thousand, you should ask yourself what it is that the extra money will cover. Will this extra amount really seem like so much if the roof is expertly installed with extra accessories and quality workmanship ? As a homeowner, trust in a job well done needs to become the priority, rather than a cheap price. After all, like was mentioned, the roofing systems may be similar, but this extra money goes towards finer accessories, skilled journeymen roofers, and therefore a job that will be done correctly. Invest in better service and a contractor that you trust.

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