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Veterans Succeed with GAF

GAF’s Hire a Hero program is about more than training veterans to install roofs.  It’s about establishing lifelong relationships with veterans.

Even though the GAF roofing academy provides a solid base for veterans, the ingredients for success over their careers are not all learned at the academy.  Since graduates of the academy have personal relationships with GAF personnel, what that personnel can offer is often at the graduates’ disposal and can aid them throughout their careers.

At the graduation ceremony for the Class of 3-18, a Senior Territory Manager of GAF, Shawn Nolte, put this in clear terms when he discussed the future of the graduates careers.  He said, “If you’re not comfortable (on the job), especially if you don’t feel safe, give us a call and we’ll get you somewhere else.”

This is such a powerful tool the graduates have!  Safety on the roof is of the utmost importance, yet how many roofers who might feel like they don’t have as safe of an environment as they should know that they can just give one of the several GAF reps a call and get set up with a better contractor?  Guys like Nolte, Donovan Gladstone, Tom Stancik, Brian Jones, and ProTrain instructor Kenneth Garcy all know the ins and outs of the industry.  They have the right contacts and the drive to help veterans whenever they can. Like Nolte said, if one of their graduates gives one of them a call, the rep can get him set up with what he needs quickly and easily.

Chase Construction North West, Inc. is thrilled to be a part of this excellent program!  We have done our best from Day One to support GAF’s Hire a Hero program and we envision a great relationship for the future!

Need a new roof? Found a leak?  If you need repairs or a new roof, CHASE CONSTRUCTION NORTH WEST, INC. wants to help!   We’ve been a family owned business since 2002 and have been GAF MASTER ELITE® certified for 8 years and counting!  Give us a call at (253) 544-3651 or fill out our quick estimate form!

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