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What Goes Into The Price of Your Roof?

In an industry so specialized and foreign to most, it is often difficult for homeowners to decipher the many bids they receive on their needed roof repair or replacement. There are many factors that go into a pricing decision and it is often confusing why the same service can be priced so differently by various contractors. Aspects such as reputation, license, and insurance need to be considered but ultimately, the scope of work, roof materials used, bid details, and cost to complete the roofing project are the most important factors. What variables does a roofing company consider when setting a price for a new roof? Following are the top 7 most popular and relevant ones.

The Top 7 Factors

1. Roof Size

At your roofing estimate, the estimator takes an accurate roof measurement based on square footage and then divides this number by 100, producing what is called a roofing square. One such roofing square equals 100 square feet. Most, if not all, roofing materials are sold by the square, not the square footage.

2. Roof Pitch or Slope

Roof Chase Construction North West Inc.All roofs are not angled the same and roof pitch is an important factor in determining cost for 2 reasons. First, a steep roof, or anything with more than a 6:12 pitch, is considered not walkable and requires greater staging, safety, and labor to complete the roof properly. Secondly, contingent on the type of roof being installed, roof pitch determines the type of underlayment system required and therefore plays a vital role in pricing a roof job properly.

3. Type of roof being removed and number of layers

Typically, roof tear-offs are gauged by the amount of time it takes to remove (the labor) and the dump charges associated with disposing of the roofing material, determined by the weight of the material. The heavier or the larger the area that is being removed, the more it costs to dispose of properly.

4. Type of new roofing material

There are significant price differences when choosing from types of roofing materials. The price of the roofing material utilized directly portrays into the aesthetic design, weight, durability, and ultimate longevity of the new roofing system. For sloped roofing projects, asphalt composition shingles tend to be the entry level bid in terms of price, followed by Roof Chase Construction North West Inc.dimensional lifetime shingle product options demanding an increased price. Concrete and clay tile tend to be the more mid-range option with synthetic, wood shake, metal roofing and traditional slate being in the higher range of roofing systems. In terms of flat roofing, pricing usually begins with coatings, hot-mop built-up roofs, modified torches, TPO products, and lastly, single-ply PVC systems.

5. Roofing system components installed

The average non-roofer may perceive a new roof as just consisting of tiles or shingles, but there are many other factors that go into waterproofing the roof to ensure an optimum lifetime. The factors that can affect price here are the type of underlayment and decking materials used, the ventilation and insulation installed, and even the types of fasteners applied. These all carry a different level of performance, longevity and manufacturing cost and it is therefore logical that they also carry different pricing standards.

6. Contractor’s roof access

Roof access is clearly a critical aspect in the overall pricing of a job. When access is difficult, this means more costs incurred for additional equipment and labor to Chase Construction North West Inc.assist in tearing off the roof, loading the roofing materials, staging the roof and completing the system. Since there is a direct correlation between labor and equipment costs for every roofing project, the easier the access, the less time and material are necessary to complete the job.

7. Additional roof details

Lastly, there are finish and prep details that definitely affect the cost of a roofing job. The type and quality of the lumber being used for the fascia and rafters as well as the finishing sealants and counter flashing details employed all have a critical role in the final product you receive and consequently, the final price you pay.

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