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Why The GAF Golden Pledge is The Best Roof Warranty

Nearly every roofing shingle comes with a warranty.  Homeowners often see a big number associated with the warranty – like “50 year” – and assume that they’re covered for what they’d need if something goes wrong with their new roof.

But most warranties do not address some of the most important areas of concern that homeowners have.  Oftentimes a roof will go bad in a way that seems premature to the homeowner who paid for it, and then when they try to call in the warranty, they find out that they’re not actually covered for what they thought.

The uncertainty of longevity of a new roof has been a big area of concern for everybody in the roofing industry for a long time, from manufacturers, to contractors, to homeowners.  So a great deal of effort has been put into generating peace of mind for homeowners who get new roofs by improving the warranties provided, and yet there is still a great deal of progress that needs to be made.

One company has the best solution that covers homeowners’ most important roofing related issues: GAF and it’s Golden Pledge warranty.

Every roof warranty is full of specific legal conditions, which can be very confusing to just about anybody.  If you want to wade through the details in the link above, that can be quite helpful so you can see what is truly covered and what isn’t.

Here’s what you won’t see in the legal documents, but it’s what you really need to know about roofing warranties:

A roof warranty is only as good as the company who backs it.  GAF is the #1 roofing manufacturer in the country, and they have pioneered both Timberline brand shingles and warranty to a level that far surpasses any competition.  Other manufacturers have tried to catch up, but to this day they still haven’t.

For homeowners, perhaps the biggest area of concern with a warranty is if there is a problem with the roof, will they be covered and how soon it will get fixed.  Most manufacturers will cover very little, and they will take forever to fix the issues.

But GAF has extremely robust infrastructure that has been running for years that handles Golden Pledge warranty issues.  We work extensively with GAF for any needed warranty repairs or replacements in the south Puget Sound of Washington State.  They are impressive in their response, clarity, and ease in getting the warranty-related issue resolved for the homeowner.

When you have a full GAF Timberline HDZ system with the Golden Pledge warranty, installed by a Master Elite contractor, you get 25 years of this excellent infrastructure dedicated to quickly and smoothly solving warranty claims.  We’ve found that homeowners who have the Golden Pledge and ended up needing a repair done that falls under the warranty purview to be very satisfied with the job done.

If you need a new roof and you want the peace of mind that comes with having the best roof warranty, give us a call at (253) 544-3651 or fill out our quick estimate form.

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