Single Ply Roofing

Is TPO roofing right for your home?

Most houses have shingles on them, but yours might not.  Shingles work spectacularly on roofs with steep enough pitch that water sheds well.  But because shingles have seams that slow-moving water can seep under, low-slope roofs need a something else entirely. The solution is membranes with completely welded seams to become uniform. Then rainwater can […]

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Why a Darker Roof is Safer

Flat roofs used to be a lot darker than they are today.  They’d be tar or they’d be torchdown — usually black or similar. Then concerns about global heating became common.  This was a problem for dark-colored roofs because they absorb heat.  White reflects solar rays so much that people began asking for white-colored roofs

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Flat Roof Ponding

Is It Acceptable to Have Ponding On My Flat Roof? By Allen Sensel Introduction There is a lot of speculation with older building designs and how their flat roofs have a tendency to collect pools of standing water referred to as ponding. The purpose of this report is to provide clarity for a commonly misunderstood

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Cover-Boards: Purpose & Application

by Allen Sensel Glass-Matt Roof Protection When putting a low-slope roof together it’s important, as a building owner or engineer, to understand how to control moisture, combat mold, and provide fire protection. Cover-boards offer sufficient roof deck protection that meet these requirement for installing a roof. They can also serve as a purpose for re-covering

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What is single ply roofing membrane, is it right for my home in Seattle?

Single Ply Roofing For Seattle, Washington When it comes to roofing in Seattle we all want to know what is the best type of roofing for our home or business. Low slope roofing systems (a roof with less than 3” of rise per lineal ft) can get even more technical with commercial and architectural specifications

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