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Chase Construction North West, Inc. has a comprehensive history in the commercial roofing industry. We offer new construction, re-roofs, repairs and re-covers on large or small projects. Our certified roofing technicians are factory trained to install and repair metal, TPO, PVC, EPDM, asphalt shingles, Torchdown, concrete tiles and wood shakes on your commercial projects.

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers such as GAF, Versico and Custom-Bilt Metals enable us to provide you with many material and warranty options that work for your specific project and fits within your budget. Check out our project gallery page for more information and to view recent installations.

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    Sustainable Commercial Roofing

    Our industry has developed cutting edge technologies to accomplish sustainable roofing. We can help you achieve the “green commercial roof” you are looking for. With many commercial products achieving energy star requirements, your roof can qualify for federal tax credits, Leed building points and save you thousands of dollars on energy consumption.

    Commercial Roofing Systems Provided Through Chase NW

    Composition Roofing Shingles of all Types

    Asphalt shingles are not just for homes! Many businesses across the Puget Sound utilize roofing shingles on their storefront properties. Architectural laminates and presidential style shingles are the most commonly used. GAF Monaco, a new roofing shingle is another great option. It mimics the appearance of a concrete tile roof but is priced more affordably.
    We are able to provide our commercial roofing customers with special no dollar limit warranties on apartments, condos, stores and more. Our “Golden Pledge” system provides 40 years of non-prorated coverage on all materials and an industry leading 20 year non-prorated warranty for labor and workmanship. This system is guaranteed to protect your investment.

    Single Ply Roofing Systems

    Single ply has become the standard in the commercial roofing industry. Through modern manufacturing technology TPO, PVC and EPMD membranes are now performing better than ever. A membrane of this type is installed on a low slope or low pitched roof where asphalt shingles cannot provide adequate waterproofing.
    Single ply can be attached mechanically with screws and plates or fully adhered to the roof surface with special construction-grade adesive. With either application, the system is finished by heat welding the seams to create a water-tight monolithic membrane. Nominal thicknesses range from .45 mil to .90 mil and carry warranties from 15 to 30 years.
    The standard color is white but custom colors like green, tan, blue and others are available through special order. As an authorized contractor with GAF and Versico, we are able to provide our commercial roofing customers with “no monetary limit” system warranties that most other contractors cannot offer.

    Torchdown Systems

    Torchdown systems are a great economical choice for flat roofing requirements. This type of material is made up of a resilient non-woven polyester mat that is saturated with APP (plastic) modified asphalt. This strong flexible membrane is torch- applied to the surface of the roof. Depending on the type of warranty you are looking for, you can apply more plies of torchdown.
    A single ply qualifies for a 10 year material warranty. Adding a second ply of membrane can increase the warranty to 20 years. Torch also comes in “cool color” granulated cap sheets. The granules have a high UV reflectivity which can keep the interior temperature of your building down and reduce the amount of money you spend on power bills. You should never trust an inexperienced or uninsured roofer to apply torchdown on your building. Torchdown requires special insurance due to a higher risk level of risk during installation.

    Commercial Metal Roofing

    Metal roofing is perhaps the most desired waterproofing system for commercial structures. This is due to it’s longevity and performance history. For commercial applications, standing seam is the most prominently utilized system type. The steel panels have an interlocking seam with either a snap-lock or mechanical method.
    Metal roofing can be installed on either steep pitch or low pitch roofs. In fact there are panels designed for roof slopes as low as ½” in 1”. A typical standard material warranty for a metal system on a commercial building is 35 years for the paint coating and 25 years for the metal itself. Upgraded watertight system coverage is available but requires stringent installation specifications and accessory products.
    You should also be aware that installing a metal roof near a body of salt water can void or limit the manufacturer warranty. Chase NW is proud to have factory trained and certified metal roofing installers. If you are interested in having a standing seam metal or metal roofing shingles installed on your business, call us today to schedule a free consultation.

    Slate & Concrete Tile

    Slate and concrete tile are two additional choices for businesses structures. They are both considered lifetime roofing products and carry 50 year limited warranties. If installed correctly by a certified contractor and maintained with a proper roof care program, they can live up to their reputation. We are one of a few certified GAF TruSlate contractors in Washington State, making us a safe and reliable choice.
    Slate and concrete tile are both fastened with stainless steel batten systems. Over the years we have inspected a large number of failed slate and tile systems. In almost every case the problem was caused by not utilizing a proper underlayment system. It is typical for contractors to use #15 felt to try to meet a minimum requirement, which fails nearly every time.
    At Chase we utilize a synthetic roofing underlayment and leak barrier membranes to ensure your business is protected from wind driven rain. If you are experiencing problems with your existing tile or slate roof or are considering re-roofing with either of these product contact us today!


    Building codes and city ordinances in most counties and states require you to meet an “R-value” minimum for your building’s insulation. R values are simply the thicknesses of your insulation system which affect both the temperature and acoustical impact within your business. You can achieve the required R value using either batt insulation or a board stock application.
    The difference between these two is that batt is installed in the attic or between ceiling and roof joists and board stock is installed on the roof deck. If city ordinances are requiring you to increase your R value then you have come to the right place.
    We specialize in roof top insulation systems that can achieve your energy goals and meet municipality regulations. We can easily add the needed slope to a flat roof that has water ponding issues with tapered insulation.

    Commercial Flat Roof Repair & Maintenance

    Not only do we provide re-roof and new construction services, we also specialize in roof maintenance and repair. Our trained journeyman technicians are skilled at locating leaks and trouble shooting water drainage issues. By employing a proper roof maintenance program, we alleviate common roofing issues such as debris build-up on flat roofs that create standing water problems. Our roof maintenance and leak repair services are both fast and affordable.

    Re-Roof Alternatives

    If you have an older roof and you would like to extend its waterproofing life for an additional amount of time we can help you. We offer alternative solutions such as silver coats and metal roof coatings that can extend the life of your roof for up to 5 years. Other economical solutions are performing re-covers over your exiting built-up or hot mop roofs with torchdown or single-ply. We have solutions that can fit within your budget!

    If your roof is old or worn down, don't wait to replace it today!

    Chase Construction NW has the expert service and affordable prices to set you up with a brand new roof today!
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