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Best Algae Resistant Roofing Shingle For Washington State

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Algae Resistant Roofing Shingles WA

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Hi! My name is Joel Beattie, I am a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor in Washington State. As you know the Puget Sound can be pretty vicious on our roof. The 9 months of rain we receive every year work hard to find ways through your roofs protective covering. Another challenge for roofs in the Pacific North West is the black algae and moss that thrives due to our climate. If you have experienced the frustration of having the unsightly site of a algae stained roof have no fear! IKO a local Washington roofing manufacturer in Sumas, WA has just released the solution in their new Cambridge AR (algae resistant) roofing shingle. 

IKO’s architectural laminate shingle was already a great product, weighing in at approximately 230 lbs per square and carrying a 15 year “Iron Clad” warranty. Now IKO shingles are protected by a 10 year algae resistant seal that does an effective job of keeping algae off of your roof. That means your roof is going to stay looking good and adding curb appeal for your home for many years. 

Here is a little more about IKO Cambridge from their website:

IKO Cambridge Algae Resistant Color Chart:

Algae Resistant Shingle IKO

IKO Cambridge AR Full Color Brochure

IKO Cambridge AR Technical Data Sheet 

IKO Warranty 


ASTM D3462
ASTM D3018
ASTM D3161- Class F
ASTM E108 – Class A
ASTM D7158 – Class H
CSA A123.5
CSA A123.51
CSA A123.52
Miami-Dade Approved³


Size:1038 mm x 349 mm (40 7/8″ x 13 3/4″)
Exposure:149 mm (5 7/8″)
Coverage Per Package:3.1 m² (33.3 sq. ft.)
Qty Per Pallet:56 bundles
Shingles Per Square:60
Quantity Per Unit/Package:20 shingles/bundle
Warranty Term:Limited Lifetime¹
Limited Wind Warranty Upgrade:210 km/h / 130 mph¹,²
Fire Resistance Rating:Class A
Iron Clad Protection Period:15 years¹


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