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Chase NW Inc. Roofing: The Advantages Of A Metal Roof System

Metal Roof Installation By Chase Construction North West Inc Medina, Lake Washington

Choosing the type of roofing material that will protect your family and home from the elements is very important. One question every homeowner will face when considering re-roofing is what kind of roofing material will be the best investment. The most popular choice today is an architectural laminate shingle called composition. This choice is often made based on the cost of alternative products. However with the price of crude oil driving up the cost of asphalt based roofing shingles, it might be time to consider a new metal roof for your project.

Here are a few benefits to utilizing a metal roof versus asphalt laminated shingles.

-Metal roof systems retain their value where asphalt shingles depreciate after instillation, making a re-sale on a home easier for a home owner.
-It’s possible to replace an asphalt roof 2-3 times in the life span of a metal roof.
-Metal roofing can be installed over existing asphalt shingles eliminating the cost of tearing off the roof.
-Metal roofs are made of 30% recycled material, and can be recycled when they need to be replaced, making them the environmentally friendly choice.
-Asphalt roofing materials and wood shakes take up space at our landfills.
-Solar powered technology can be installed as part of a metal roofing system, saving thousands of dollars on energy costs over the years.
-Metal roofs can save you up to 35% on your home owners insurance in some states due to their resistance to hail and fire.
-Metal roofing is almost impervious to damage from algae, moss, hail and other elements, which are common problems with asphalt and wood roofing shingles.
-With current technology metal roofing comes in many new styles that are cosmetically appealing in today’s architectural trends.

These are only a few benefits to using a metal roof. Stay tuned the next few weeks to learn more about the benefits of metal roofing. Our employees are factory trained and certified with Custom-Bilt Metals roofing manufacturer.

Chase Construction North West, Inc. utilizes Custom-Bilt Metals for metal roof instillations. Please visit their website at to learn more about their excellent products.

Please contact us to schedule a free roofing estimate, or for expert help with roof leaks & repairs. Our roofing specialists are on standby to service all of your roofing needs!
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