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Chase NW Roofing helps Kent, Washington family sell home with new roof!

IKO Cambridge Roofing Install by Chase Construction North West, Inc Roofing

We love it when we get the opportunity to make a potentially beautiful home look gorgeous! That’s exactly what happened this week at in Kent Washington with Chase Construction North West, Inc Roofing. When I was called out to the job I knew I was being sent to a home the owners were having trouble selling, but I had no idea what I was about to see. Surprise, an old cedar shake roof that was so covered in moss, that I literally could not see the wood shakes in many areas. I see a lot of bad roofing, and this is among the worst.  This roofing system was beyond compromised, and it is a good thing they called on their friendly neighborhood roofing hero’s Chase Construction NW Inc., to save the day.

The owners of this Kent, Washington home have been trying to sell, but the condition of the existing roof prohibited the sale. The roofing system on a home must be certified to last 5 years in order to qualify for a loan. This has caused many problems for home owners in a seller’s position. We helped this family out by giving them a fair price, and an excellent roof install.

We tore-off the existing wood shake roof, re-sheeted the entire roof deck to create a solid substrate, and installed a new architectural laminate roofing system (also known as composition roofing). The new duel black IKO Cambridge roofing with color matched vents changed the appearance of the home drastically. Now the owners can present a modern looking home and have a new roof warranty to allure potential buyers.

What a buyer needs is assurance that their roof is not going to fail them in the near future. The cost of the roofing system can often be negotiated into the sale of the home. This can help remove the immediate out of pocket expenses for both parties.

We have helped in many real estate transactions, and would be happy to help by inspecting your roof for free. We can also provide a certification (if roof will last 5 years) or free estimate to repair/replace your roof to get it to code for sale.

We are anxiously awaiting our next home owner in distress so the home improvement hero’s can come to the rescue once again.


3 thoughts on “Chase NW Roofing helps Kent, Washington family sell home with new roof!”

  1. Such a difference, This will save the new owners years of hassle and maintenence issues.
    The homes exterior is complete, ready to take on whatever the NW weather can throw at it. This will make the 4th of July a little more fun, the class A fire resistant roof can handle any fireworks that might drop by 🙂

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