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Review Of The GAF Timberline Shingle By A Texas Roofing Contractor

A Glance at the GAF Timberline Shingle 

Review of the Timberline Shingle There are a lot of great shingles available today in this particular series by GAF is at the top of my list.


The Timberline Shingle is one of the most durable shingles offered by GAF. This tuff shingle has an excellent wind rating (up to 130 MPH). If you’re looking for a shingle that can take a beating from the storms Renton, WA produces in the spring months, then you may want to consider the GAF Timberline Shingle. These heavy-duty shingles will stand strong against the traitorous rain of Renton.


The GAF Timberline Shingle has a modernized look, which is offered in many different colors and styles. There are actually 5 different style options of this particular series. If you’re looking for well-designed, ecologically friendly and robust shingle then this shingle is for you.


GAF offers a lifetime warranty against any defects associated with its shingle. This warranty is also transferrable if you sell your home in the future. The non-prorated warranty is for 10 years. 10 years is the industry standard for the reputable shingle companies.


The cost of GAF Timberline Series Shingles is bit more expensive than your ordinary shingle. However, in the long run it should be well worth the cost.


To wrap up, the GAF Timberline Shingle is one of the best-selling shingles in the United States. In my opinion I believe this shingle sells so well because of its durability, quality, and appearance. You can visit GAF’s website to learn more about this shingle and other great products they have to offer.

This review was prepared by a Fort Worth Roofing Contractor from LSAP Roofing. LSAP Roofing is a Fort Worth Roofing company.

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4 thoughts on “Review Of The GAF Timberline Shingle By A Texas Roofing Contractor”

  1. Gaf shingles is what I prefer to put on all of my jobs. I always tell my home owners that ” you only have one roof to worry about, I have hundreds to worry about. So I want the best product there is on all of my roofs.” That usually does it. Best product backed by the best warranty.

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