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Some Common Solar Panel Myths

Solar panels Chase Construction North West Inc. roofingIn a time where efficiency and eco-friendliness are a high priority to most, the roofing world offers exactly such an electricity solutionphotovoltaic solar panels. They are both durable and energy efficient and offer a number of benefits. There are many myths surrounding the panels that need to be debunked. First, contrary to what you might have heard, today’s solar panels are not heavy and obtrusive. In fact, some cases have shown that thin-film photovoltaic laminates can even be bonded directly onto roofing panels. Such systems may have gotten their bad name from earlier models that necessitated bulky solar panel racks and expensive glass. However, unlike these, photovoltaic laminates can be applied with a peel-and-stick method that protects your roof from leaks.

3 Common Misconceptions about Solar Panels & Your Roof


Myth #1: Solar power requires bright light to work well, and is therefore unreliable.

This myth may have become permeated throughout due to the fact that the way solar panels work is commonly misunderstood. While yes, solar panels do produce more energy on days that emanate bright sunshine, they don’t cease to work on cloudy days. If for any reason, electrical use is greater than solar production, the local utility always makes up the difference. There will be days on which your PV system will produce more energy than your home needs, and on these occasions, excess power is sent back through the utility grid! This results in lower utility bills! While we don’t live in an area where this is much of a problem, it is important to note that during the winter, ifSolar Panels Chase Construction North West Inc. roofing the photovoltaic panels have their cells covered by snow, they may be temporarily disabled. However, as soon as the snow melts or is brushed off the panels, operations continue to run smoothly.

Myth #2: Solar panels require extensive maintenance.

In fact, photovoltaic panels require little to no maintenance as they have no moving Solar Panel cleaning Chase Construction North West Inc. roofingparts. As with most roofs, it is recommended to inspect them two to three times a year. In solar panels, you would simply be checking for dirt buildup. Of course, if you’re not comfortable getting up there, a qualified roofing expert can check solar panels during your seasonal roofing inspection. Keeping panels clean ensures optimal energy production and this can be achieved through a basic DIY cleaning utilizing a garden hose.

Myth #3: Solar panels are not worth the cost.

With the introduction of thing film photovoltaic (PV) laminates that bond directly to metal roofing panels, solar systems are actually more affordable than ever! Heavy and expensive glass is a rarely needed accessory and bulky mounting systems are alsomoney-bags becoming a thing of the past. Alternatively, many PV systems are now composed of unbreakable silicon and Teflon films. When these films can be attached to your roof using the peel-and-stick method, you also reduce the chance of creating expensive roof leaks during installation!
The bottom line is that due to their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, rooftop solar panels are here to stay. In the long term, PV panels will both lessen your energy financial burden and reduce your carbon footprint. This is good for your wallet and the environment!

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