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Sumner Comes Together For One Of It’s Own

A New Roof For Kathy!

Here at Chase Construction NW, Inc., we love to be able to help others, almost as much as we love roofs. When we see a need, we do our best to do what it takes to be able to help. Recently, when we saw a need in our own back yard of Sumner, and we enthusiastically jumped on the opportunity to provide assistance.

Kathy Thompson’s childhood home was in need of repairs, and the biggest need was a new roof. Being a member at Faith Covenant Church in Sumner, she approached her Care Ministry Pastor, Donna Vande Kieft, and together they started seeking solutions to Kathy’s problem. Donna was able to enlist the help of Richard, a fellow member at her church, to oversee the painting of the house, as well as some repairs. But there was still the matter of the roof.

“This is really rewarding to see this happening because we were praying and thinking, how in the world was she going to live here for another winter with this roof.” -Pastor Donna Vande Kieft

Chase Construction NW, Inc. Takes Action!

When our fearless leader Joel, found out that a mutual friend was in desperate need of a new roof, he took action. Joel found out about Kathy’s need through a family member  that also attended her church. She had already entered a contest to win a new roof with the help of Pastor Donna, but Joel offered the roof if she didn’t win. And with the help of his friends at Blyton Gutter Company, new gutters as well! The very next day, the results of the contest came in and she didn’t win, but she still got her new roof thanks to Joel and Chase Construction NW, Inc.!

Before and after roof project

A Miracle Roof in One Day

With the help of MacArthur Co., and a full crew, we were able to strategically plan our day to complete the roof before sundown. Pastor Donna was there the entire day to offer Kathy's New Roofany help she could. She could be seen throughout out this (very hot) day cleaning up Kathy’syard and offering cold drinks to the crew. At the end of the day, a reception was held for Kathy and the crew. Several members of the church came to see Kathy’s new roof, and give their thanks to Joel and the crew for making this happen.

Happy to Help!

We couldn’t be more proud of the leadership of Chase Construction NW, Inc. to set such an example of generosity and compassion. What our team and partners in the industry was able to pull off in just one day has impacted the community of Sumner in so many ways. Not only was a need fulfilled to a beloved member of the community, but friendships were formed as well.

Before and after roof project

If you are in need of a new roof or just a repair, you will be happy to know that the passion that we have to help those in need translates to every single one of our customers. Call us today for your free estimate – (253) 544-3651 or fill out our quick estimate form! We look forward to working with you!

Check out the video of the project!

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