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Superior Roofing Underlayment

IKO’s Stormtite®

As our newest product focus here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we are featuring IKO’s Stormtite® Synthetic Underlayment that will totally “rock the way you roll.” This particular underlayment is one that is designed for use under asphalt shingles and has qualified as an IKO PRO4 Roofing Component. The complete PRO4 superior, multi-layered roofing system is one that incorporates all of IKO’s leading products. Stormtite® IKO Chase Construction North West a cost effective alternative to traditional #15 asphalt saturated felt, and with it, the homeowner is covered by a limited 15-year material warranty.

Why Stormtite®?

Stormtite® offers many benefits over traditional underlayment. First off, it is more resistant to tearing and shredding when installers walk on it. It is coated top and bottom with tough polyolefin for superior weather-resistance with a slip resistant surface. Stormtite® is more flexible, even in cold weather. This facilitates IKO Chase Construction North West Inc.installment around vents, dormers, skylights and other typical roof structures. The material lays flat without curling and is exceptionally durable. Next on the list of benefits is Stormtite®’s synthetic, non-breathable material which effectively sheds water that gets behind shingles and is engineered to be a vapor-retarder. The underlayment can be left exposed for up to 30 days and continue to perform, thanks to its’ built-in UV stabilizers. Lastly, Stormtite® is lighter than felt and a single roll of contains 1000 square feet while only weighing 21.5 lbs. This eases the burden on installers. Here at Chase Construction North West Inc., we have been in business for over 13 years and have been working with IKO products for a majority of this time. Our craftsmanship and professionalism even earned us the IKO Shield Pro Plus status that deems us as having “the roofing knowledge and the pride in workmanship required to apply IKO residential roofing products.”

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