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Tacoma Roofing Transformation By Chase Construction NW Inc Roofing

IKO Cambridge Roofing System

The “Home Improvement Hero’s” have been at it again in Tacoma, Washington. This time our mission brought us to neighborhood of duplexes. The existing 3 tab roofing system had been battered by the Tacoma rain, and was in need of rescuing. Have no fear, the roofing heroes are here. As we began to tear-off the old roofing system, we ran into a big surprise. Not only were there multiple layers of roofing shingles, but also an extra layer of sheathing (the roof deck). Building codes in Tacoma have changed a lot in the last decade, and according to current specifications you do not want to have more than one layer of sheathing.

After tearing off the old roofing system we installed a new IKO Cambridge roof to match the beautiful brick face. The color of the IKO shingles is earth tone cedar. What a great architectural compliment to this Tacoma home and neighborhood.


This roof is backed up with a limited life time warranty from IKO roofing manufacturer. The warranty also boasts a 15 year “Iron Clad” non-prorated time on the materials, the highest in the industry.  If your home needs a facelift, or the elements of the Pacific North West have damaged your roof, call the heroes’, we are ready to tackle any roofing challenge.

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