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Brighten Your Home with Tam Skylights | Puyallup Skylight Install

Brighten Your Home with Tam Skylights

Brightening up your home can be as simple as adding a little more light through your roof. Light and dark can have amazing physical and psychological effects your health and mood.  Because of this, we take our installation of Tam Industries Skylights and Velux Sun Tunnels seriously. After all, your happiness is why we’ve been roofing for hundreds of thrilled customers in Puyallup since 2002!

Skylight Install Puyallup-Edgewood, Washington

Our expert roofers were called out to a home with a gorgeous GAF Grand Canyon designer roofing shingle in the Puyallup area to install two new Tam skylights.  The Grand Canyon roofing shingle system is GAF’s heavyweight premium designer shingle that beautifully emulates cedar shakes.  As GAF Master Elite roofing contractors (less than 2% of the nation qualify), our roofers have the reliable expertise to tackle skylight roofing projects.

Puyallup Skylight Install

Watch in the video how the Puyallup home transforms from dark to bright after our skylight installation. Our roofers detail multiple critical steps in the installation:

  • The skylight opening had already been prepared on the inside of the home. The drywall was hung, taped and primed, meaning that we had to cut our hole perfectly otherwise we would mess up the work already performed.
  • We wrapped a peel-and-stick leak barrier membrane around the entire skylight curb to prevent a leaking roof or skylight in this Puyallup home. It’s always critical to properly surround the skylights with metal roof flashing including: Step flashing, pan metal and roof-to-wall flashing. The color of the flashing should match the color pattern of the roofing shingle.
  • Our roofer properly “fed” the Grand Canyon shingles back into the roofing system around the skylight. We’ve been called out to so many roofs where this has been done improperly, leaving the homeowner with compromised weatherproofing capability of their roof.

Are you ready to brighten your home with a new incredible Tam Skylight?  Call us now ((253) 544-3651) or fill out our quick estimate form for your completely free estimate!

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