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The Link Between Your Business and The World Wide Web

An Evolving Online World

The world of business, big and small, is perpetually evolving. This is mostly true due to the now necessitated need for a successful and thorough online presence, in order to gain recognition and prosperity. Our team here at Chase Construction Northwest Inc., attended TruWeb Verifieda National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) hosted educational event geared towards gaining knowledge on how to have a successful and verified web presence. TruWeb Verified CEO and key speaker Mark Bakken summarized the main idea of his lecture by stating “Don’t sit around waiting for someone to sully your good name or damage the business that puts bread on your table. Take the first step toward controlling your online reputation now.”

The Possible Scam That Can Target Your Business

The creation of Bakken’s business stemmed from the growing trend of fake online reviews. Without a verification of sorts, it is impossible to protect your company’s good name from being tarnished and dragged through the mud by lies and impostors. Bakken commented and expounded on this by saying “It is horrible in that you see good, solid businesses fighting for their lives because a competitor, ex-employee, jilted lover or nut living in his mom’s basement decides he wants to matter in life and starts sending out bogus reviews.”Fake Online ReviewsNot only can this be the case but Bakken also spoke of an actual business model revolving around these fake reviews wherein people will write fake, bad reviews and then demand money from the company in order to take them down. The prospect of this seems impossible to control but the lecture pointed out that it is not about “controlling the uncontrollable”  but rather utilizing an aggressive offense to fight bad reviews with good reviews. In the highly unregulated internet market, there isn’t much legal defense but there are still many worthwhile and effective steps for business owners to take.

How to Protect and Help your Company !

The main goal in fighting this is “getting your story our there- your genuine and honest story- before someone else broadcasts a skewed version of you to the world.” Bakken answered the question of how to achieve this clearly and effectively in his talk. First, businesses need to prioritize collecting reviews organically. They can do this by finding a way t0 incentivize their customers to write reviews and having a staff member who focuses on asking for and recording these reviews for every customer. Mixing up the form of the review is effective for search engine optimization and it is therefore smart to include different mediums varying from written reviews, to surveys, to videos. Next, businesses need to make sure to aggressively target social media customer feedback and discussion. These websites are considered the “undernet” because they don’t directly show up on a Google search so therefore, special attention needs to be given to making them active. Lastly, Bakken stated that it is a vital to use a third party verification service to authenticate your best reviews. It is then possible to bundle your best reviews and send targeted links to customer prospects that only exemplify your best reviews and servicescustomer reviews performed. To summarize Bakken stated “Don’t wait to get reviewed. Get out and encourage your best customers to give you a review. Five to ten positive reviews can literally change a business from being on the verge of collapse to being business of the year. You cannot hide your head in the sand anymore. The “boogie man” is real and he is online right now.” We are excited to use all we learned to ensure our customers get the most honest and accurate picture of how we conduct business when examining our web presence.

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