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What is single ply roofing membrane, is it right for my home in Seattle?

Single Ply Roofing For Seattle, Washington

Single Ply Roofing For Seattle, Washington
Chase NW specializes in single ply and commercial roofing!

When it comes to roofing in Seattle we all want to know what is the best type of roofing for our home or business. Low slope roofing systems (a roof with less than 3” of rise per lineal ft) can get even more technical with commercial and architectural specifications required by the city building codes. Its important that you use the best material for your roof design. As a commercial roofing contractor in Seattle we have seen a huge spike in the popularity of single ply roofing systems.

What is single ply roofing membrane

Single ply flat roofing membranes are sheets of strong, flexible material made of synthetic polymer. You will often hear the terms of different types of single ply like “TPO”, “PVC” or EPDM. Single ply comes in different thicknesses that determine the roof life and the length of warranty that a flat roofing contractor in Seattle can offer. The most common thickness or millage are .45, .60, .80 and now EPDM comes in a .90 mil. The membranes come most commonly in white, black and gray, but is also available in custom colors like green, red, tan and other colors.

Sustainable roofing with single ply membranes

Single ply membranes in white have a high solar reflectivity rating. This helps to reduce Single ply systemover heating in a given structure and lowers energy bills. This type of Sustainable roofing often qualifies for special building deductions in Seattle and or the Energy Star federal tax credit.


Single ply membrane comes in rolls ranging most commonly from 4’ to 10’. There are fire rated slip sheets and cover boards that can be used to attain the necessary fire rating you need to insure your building and meet codes. Typically you will run your membrane in the direction of the slope which is either framed in or built using a ridged insulation. The membrane can either be mechanically attached with screws and plates or fully adhered. The mechanically attached application requires welding at the seams. It is commonly stated that the tear strength of the seam weld is stronger than the material itself.


Seattle Single Ply Roofing
Chase NW Roofing is a certified contractor with Versico!

The standard material warranty for single ply membranes such as Versico is 20 years. With special application procedures we are able to offer “complete system warranties” with “no dollar limit” coverage. These no dollar limit warranties are 100% manufacturer backed coverage on material and workmanship from 10-30 years.

Chase Construction North West, Inc is your qualified commercial and flat roofing contractor. We have a wealth of experience installing single ply on commercial and residential structures. For a free quote and consultation please visit our quick estimate form or call us at (253) 544-3651.

Thank you for reading our roof life blog. Best wishes from our family to yours!


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