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What Type Of Metal Roofing Should I Use On My Home In Tacoma

What Type Of Metal Roofing Should I Use On My Tacoma Home

Metal Roof TacomaChase Construction North West, Inc specializes in residential metal roofing. A concern weoften run into from homeowners is making sure their roof does not look like a commercial store. What they are referring to is the look of the profile of standing seam metal panels. The standing seam is the portion of the panel that locks one panel to the other. On a commercial steel roof the standing seam is often 1.75” or 2” high. This is typical for a commercial roof. The panel profile for a commercial roof as described above would be a Custom-Bilt Metals CB-2000.

 Snap Lock Metal Roof Panels For Tacoma

If you are looking for a great balance between the protection of a metal roof with a residential profile, it is available on today’s market. Custom-Bilt Metals SLZ-1000 is the perfect panel for your home. The standing seam is only 1” high, removing it from the commercial appearance so many people want to avoid. The SLZ-1000 panel comes in 13” and 17” wide panels and comes in smooth or ribbed profiles. This panel is considered a snap lock panel, meaning that the system is connected together by the seams interlocking together. SLZ-1000 is ideal for roof pitches of 3” in 12” and not recommended on slopes lower than that. If you would like a slightly taller standing seam you might consider the SLZ-1500 panel which is has a 1.5” standing seam.

If you have what is considered a low slope or flat roofing system (a roof with a pitch lower than 3” rise in 12”) there are more profile options that will meet your need. Mechanically seamed panels are designed to handle the water flow on roof systems with lower slopes. Mechanically seamed panels are crimped together at the seam with a special crimping tool. These panels are the best choice for low slope systems, and are the only panels that qualify for an upgraded “Watertight System Warranty”. Custom-Bilt Metals has a few panel profiles that might suit your needs. The CB-100 has a 1” standing seam, and comes in 13” and 17” wide panels. The CB-150 panel has a 1.5” standing seam and comes in 12” and 16” wide panels.

Metal or steel roofing is a great investment and looks fantastic on a home. As a roofing contractor in Tacoma we have installed several metal roofs including 3 on Big Foot Java’s in the area. For more information on metal roofing please read our blog “Advantages of a Metal Roof”. You will also want to consider the type of underlayment you use onyour roofing system. Inadequate underlayment can be detrimental under a metal roof.

Metal roofing Tacoma
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