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What Type Of Warranty Does GAF Offer For A Commercial Roof?

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Roof Warranties

Weather Stopper® Integrated System Limited Warranty

If you are looking for “just the basics” this warranty covers just that. The Weather Stopper® Warranty covers the entire roof system including accessories and insulation. The main downfall to this warranty is that it only covers material defects. It has a maximum coverage period of 20 years and includes replacement materials as well as the cost of material to correct a possible problem. What you need to know in terms of this warranty is that only GAF Authorized, Master and Master Select Low-Slope Factory Certified Contractors are able to offer this warranty to its customers. And yes, this warranty is transferable to the next owner of the property, as long as its within the 20 year period.

System Pledge™ Warranty

A step up from the Weather Stopper® Warranty is the System Pledge™ Warranty. Not only does it cover material defects and workmanship errors it also covers the entire roof system. This option has a maximum coverage period of 20-25 years and includes replacement materials and covers the cost of labor to correct a possible defect. Along with the Weather Stopper® this warranty is only offered by GAF Authorized, Master & Master Select Contractors and is transferable.

EverGuard® Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee

The Diamond Pledge™ NDL (No Dollar Limit) Warranty is considered the best of the best when it comes to commercial roof warranties. This is because it not only covers matieral defects and workmanship errors for the entire roof system, but it also provides an unlimited dollar amount for covered repairs. Its maximum coverage period tops the others at up to 35 years (with select systems) and qualifies for the WellRoof® extension program where you can add up to 6.25 years on your warranty coverage. This warranty is transferable and is only offered by GAF Master & Master Select Contractors.

To find more on what is offered, the restrictions, ways to maintain your warrantied roof as well as learn about the WellRoof® Extension Program, visit GAF’s commercial roofing webpage. If you are interested in warranty information for your residential home, click here. 

Looking for a contractor certified who can offer these warranties?

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