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GAF Timberline HD Shelton Beach House Roof

Some say the most beautiful land in the Pacific Northwest is along the Puget Sound beaches.  Calm waters give a sense of serenity. As you gaze across the horizon, the forested coastline instills wonder.  When the skies clear, beautiful blue paints the landscape.  But as we all well know, in the Puget Sound, skies are usually gray.

Our temperate rainforest yields such abundant moisture there isn’t a surface that moss won’t grow on if left undisturbed.  When that surface is your roof, the result can be water seeping through the top side of your home and damaging everything it touches.  When our friends in Shelton called us with a leaking, moss-engulfed roof on their beachfront cottage, we knew exactly what to do.

We wouldn’t just clean off the moss and call it a day.  The damage was already done.  Moisture contained by the moss had already slowly creeped through the cracks in the roofing shingles, chewed away at the underlayment, and rotted the plywood.

Instead the long term solution was to construct a roofing system that would eliminate the leaks and moss damage while preventing moisture from accumulating within the new roof for the future.

We found that the house had enough intake ventilation but not exhaust ventilation.  Since airflow on the underside of a roof helps dry it out, adding exhaust ventilation would go a long way towards lessening or eliminating moisture buildup in the mossy areas.  Ventilation can sometimes even prevent moss from growing on a roof in the first place.

After removing the existing failed roof, we replaced the rotted plywood.  By installing GAF Tiger Paw synthetic underlayment over the plywood, the roof has the most robust secondary layer of protection the helps prevent water from reaching the plywood.  With GAF Timberline HD shingles across the entire roof, our friends in Shelton, WA now have the best roof protection in the country.  Coming with a 50 year lifetime warranty, GAF stands by their product.

Check out the video of the project!

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