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How You Can Make Sure Your Roof Lasts As Long As Possible

Just because the label on a roofing product says it can last a certain number of years doesn’t mean it will.  The last thing any homeowner wants to do is accidentally cause their roof to not perform properly and to need to be replaced prematurely.

In this article we’ll discuss the most important things you can do to make sure your roof will last as long as it should.

Get the best roofing contractor

The most important thing you can do for your roof is have a reliable contractor to install it.  There are countless factors that go into an excellent roofing job, and a contractor with a long track record has had to learn all of them.

We’ve been in this business since 2002, and are GAF Master Elite and President’s Club roofing contractors.  No other contractor in western Washington has the track record of excellence that we do.

If you know nothing about roofing, a high quality contractor will be able to make sure everything is done right, so you’ll be more likely to get the kind of roof with higher longevity in the first place.

Get the best roof and warranty

Usually if you get the best roofing contractor, you will also get the best roofing material and warranty because those are what the contractor will recommend for you.  If, however, you’re unsure on how trustworthy a potential contractor is, you can know you’re getting the best roof and warranty if you go with GAF or Nu Ray Metals roofing.

GAF has the most robust warranty system in the market.  They’re true pioneers in the asphalt composition shingle industry and their products last the longest.  Timberline HDZ is their overall most well-rounded shingle.

Depending on the circumstances, metal roofing can be perfect too.  It is the longest lasting type of material installed today.

Keep your gutters clean of debris

Too much junk in gutters can lead to a prematurely failing roof because of how the debris can kick moisture back up into the soffits.  Clogged gutters can mean water is getting underneath the shingles and the underlayment at the very edge of the roof and rotting out the plywood.

If too much of this happens, the amount of repair needed can be so big that you’d be better off replacing the entire roof instead of conducting the repairs.

Maintain overhanging trees and branches

Trees can cause a ton of damage to roofs.  This damage can be from big stuff, like trees falling on roofs and causing blunt trauma damage, or slow damage by shading and dropping debris.  Over time, the debris can lead to trapped moisture that prematurely deteriorates the shingles and seeps into the framing.

Don’t spend much time on the roof

Sometimes there is no choice, but foot traffic can cause real damage to roofing shingles.  You could step in the wrong place, which would lead to needs for immediate repair.  Or you could accidentally break off some shingles or kick up granules.

It’s not uncommon for the areas of a roof that get the most traffic of anything, from water to people walking, to be the first to develop leaks.  Every little bit counts.  Roofing shingles are designed to take some amount of foot traffic, but they do not handle recreational use well.

Get enough attic insulation and ventilation

A roof that isn’t ventilated or insulated properly will usually need to be replaced long before its true lifespan ends.  The trapped heat and moisture from inside the attic can rot the wood substrate from the inside, and even go so far as to make it appear as if the roof is being pushed out from the inside.

A good contractor will install a roof such that ventilation is adequate.  An even better one will be able to address attic insulation as well.  Most homes are under-insulated, and there is no better time to add an appropriate amount of insulation than during a roof replacement.

The issue that often arises for homeowners comes after the roof has already been installed.  If you hire other contractors to perform work in the attic, or if you use the attic as a storage or recreational space, insulation can be moved around and ventilation blocked.

The best course of action is to never use the attic for anything.  It exists as a space for insulation and ventilation due to the conditioned space inside the house beneath it.  Temperature changes and moisture changes that come from inside the house can cause damage inside the attic if the attic is not properly protected.  Vapor sealing and insulation help keep the conditioned air out of the attic, but ventilation is also needed to move trapped air.

If you live in the south Puget Sound of Washington State and want the longest lasting roof possible, we are the perfect contractor for you!  Please call us at (253) 544-3651 or fill out our quick estimate form.

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