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New Generation of Roofing: Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Mechanical Seam vs. Locking Seam

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There have always been different kinds of roofing that a homeowner can choose from. One of the oldest and most efficient is standing seam metal roofing. Metal gives your home a classic look and enhances the roofline of any architectural style. A lot of rental spaces use standing seam and their might be a roof in your local neighborhood that has this type of roofing. When observing a standing seam metal roof you will notice that panels run from the ridge of the roof, down to the eaves. The term standing seam is used because the seam itself is standing, or raised, opposed to flush mounted. There are two forms of standing seam metal roofs, mechanical seam and locking seam. Mechanical standing seam panels are crimped into place with either a mechanical seamer or a hand seamer, and provide your roof with the highest degree of strength and are available in a variety of widths and seam heights. One of the other forms of standing seam panels include the snap lock seam panels, which overlap and then lock into place. This system is still a high performance roof that provides improved resistance to wind uplift and water infiltration, and allows thermal movement while maintaing structural integrity. Installation is typically faster because you can remove the “seaming” step. When choosing a manufacturer Chase Construction NW, Inc. is a long time supporter of Custom-Bilt Metals, located in Kent WA. They offer a wide range of standing seam panels for homeowners to choose from. For example:

Mechanical Seam Panelsmech-seam1

  •  CB-2000 Mechanical Seam

Seam Height: 2″
Standard Panel Widths: 14″, 18″
Minimum Slope: ½:12

  •  CB-150 Mechanical Seam

Seam Height: 1.5″
Standard Panel Widths: 12″, 16″
Minimum Slope: 1:12

  • CB-100 Mechanical Seam

Seam Height: 1″
Standard Panel Widths: 13″, 17″
Minimum Slope: 1:12

Standing Seam Panelssnap-lock1

  • SL-1750 Snap Lock

Seam Height: 1.75″
Standard Panel Widths: 14″, 18″
Minimum Slope: 3:12

  •  SL-100 Snap Lock

Seam Height: 1″
Standard Panel Widths: 12″, 16″
Minimum Slope: 3:12

  •  SLZ-1000 Snap Lock

Seam Height: 1″
Standard Panel Widths: 13″, 17″
Minimum Slope: 3:12

According to Custom-Bilt Metals installation specs, when installing these panels you must have a complete moisture-proofed substrate. They should be installed perpendicular to the eve and face away from the direction of the prevailing wind. The seams shall be parallel and aligned for hips, ridges and valleys. All panels should be continuous from the eave to ridge without any horizontal end laps.


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Standing seam metal roofs which include mechanically seamed and locking seam although more costly, have great benefits when compared to asphalt or composition roofing. It has greater durability and reliability, less maintenance, and are called “cool roofs” by the US Enviornmental Protection Agency due to the fact that they can be painted any color which in return will prevent solar heat gain! Lastly, these roofs give your house an “industrial” feel all while maintaining a modern flair. Chase NW Roofing is factory trained and certified with GAF, IKO, Versico and Custom-Bilt Metals to install almost every roofing application. We specialize in composition shingles, torchdown, single ply, metal roofing, wood shakes, slate and concrete tile. We have been providing quality re-roofs in the North West for over a decade. If you are planning to re-roof your house, need an inspection give us a call at (253) 544-3651or fill out our free estimate form 

3 thoughts on “New Generation of Roofing: Standing Seam Metal Roofing”


    EVERY company that represents “snap lock” metal roofing indicates it is “just as good” as mechanically locked standing seam. This is totally not the case. In Montana and Oregon where the forest fires raged all the houses that were in the path of the fire burned to the ground with the exception of the homes with mechanically locked standing seam metal roofs … why? because the snap lock seams act as a spring .. and when heated, THEY OPEN UP .. and the burning embers get in – no house. Mechanically locked standing seam roofs may warp, but did not open up … The houses are still standing .. of course the roofs are warped and need replacing ..
    So which is better — replace the whole house or just the roof …
    You decide.
    We only install mechanically locked standing seam metal in steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel.

    1. We are located in Western Washington and write our articles about the industry and for homeowners in this region. Your opinion of the effects and performance of roofing materials in different regions is welcome. While the Puget Sound doesn’t have forest fires, we do have other concerns, like salt in the air from the Pacific Ocean, and acid rain that etches and corrodes the finish on metal panels.

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