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Vital Storm Protection with WeatherWatch® Leak Barrier

No matter how great your roofing shingles are, rainwater is bound to find a way beneath them.  If it were not for underlayments that act as a buffer between shingles and plywood, water damage would be more frequent and severe.  GAF’s Tiger Paw™ is our favorite synthetic underlayment to serve this important purpose. However, for the most critical areas on your roof, specialized leak barrier (also known as ice and water shield) is needed.

Similar to the popular Tiger Paw™, WeatherWatch® Leak Barrier resists wrinkling and provides a safe, gripping surface for roofers to walk on during installation. This top-of-the-line leak barrier excels in its self-sealing properties that transform what would be a perforated barrier with inferior products into a watertight seal with WeatherWatch®.

If your roof has traditional felt paper when high winds drive rain under your shingles, water will seep through the nail penetrations.  But it will stop in its tracks if instead the rainwater meets WeatherWatch® because it self-seals around nails and other metal fasteners.  If you’re one of the many homeowners who find evidence of water damage in their homes, it may be because of an absence of a leak barrier on the most vulnerable parts of your roof.

These areas include chimneys, pipes, perimeters, skylights, and valleys.  They’re uniquely vulnerable to water damage because they’re where shingles come to an edge and because they handle greater volume of rainwater runoff.  Special attention must be paid to these areas in order to ensure they’re as reliably resistant to the elements as the rest of your roof.  By installing leak barrier at these critical points, we ensure that when storms drive rain under shingles, it goes no further and your roof remains safe from damage.

WeatherWatch® Leak Barrier plays an integral role in the GAF Lifetime Roofing System.  We offer this awesome system and the phenomenal Golden Pledge® warranty to every customer who wants long-lasting peace of mind with their new gorgeous composition shingle roof.


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